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Originally Posted by etudiant View Post
From your lips.....
I'm confident Canon could make as many as everyone wants, the problem is not everyone appears to want one.
The wretched 1 year warranty may be a deterrent to sales, or maybe the lumpish appearance of the glass. Nevertheless, it is the best birding glass on the market imho. It is a hidden gem, alpha optics with unique capabilities for half the price of conventional glass.
Perhaps the myth of the rational consumer is just that.
I am hesitant to buy the Canon 10x42 IS because along with "lumpish appearance" you mentioned there is the 1.1kg weight, awkward eye pieces, unprotected objective lenses, and horror stories about Canon service charging an arm and a leg for repairs. A drop or ding could seriously mess up the Electronics/IS and it is no surprise why consumers are wary.
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