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Interesting Great Grey Shrike - Kent UK

A couple of days ago, this photo of a Great Grey Shrike came through my twitter feed.

It looked pale and the primary patch looked deep. Out of curiosity, I asked if there was a photo of the open wing, to see if the patch was also short.

I didn't know where the bird was, or even who the photographer was and failed to locate it again. about 10 hours later I was sent this

Which certainly confirmed that there was no white on the secondaries. (I've noticed that GGS with a lot of white in the primaries usually also have it on the secondary bases)

So after asking a few questions, I found out its the bird currently in Kent. There are some excellent photos of it and its an interesting bird.


Contra Steppe GS
  • Seen to have light barring to the underparts in the field which rules out SGS
  • Lores not that pale
  • Bill not overly heavy
  • Its not as pale as it appeared on that 1st photo

More Steppe-like
  • Fully white outer tail feather
  • No white on the secondaries, combined with a deep primary patch
  • Quite a lot of grey in the flight feathers
  • P2/9 - ie 2nd out ermost appears to be quite long - 4/5 not 6/7

Primary projection sort of intermediate. Any thoughts - Eastern bird?

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