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Originally Posted by henry link View Post
I would add to Stan's post that the stereopsis of the Swaro is likely to be a little greater than the Canon due to the objective off-set from the Abbe-Konig prisms. The 56mm Zeiss FLs have a similar off-set to the 56mm Swaros. If I set my 8x56 FL to an IPD of 69mm the objective spacing is 85mm.

I did mention that the objectives on the Canon are fixed and it was my intention to also say that on traditional binoculars that the objection spacing could vary. I should be more careful.

You are perfectly correct for 56mm roof objectives which is what is being discussed. However, I think the objective spacing on roofs generally reduce as the objective diameter reduces and my 8x42mm Nikon EDG set at an IPD of 69mm has an objective spacing of 69mm. Is the Abbe-Konig prism the only one that can accommodate the greater barrel diameter of the 56mm roof objective?

When I compare the difference between the spacing and IPD of the Nikon 8x32 SE and your Zeiss 8x56 which are 132mm/69mm and 85/69, the differences are 63mm and 16mm respectively . I can certainly see a pronounced 3D effect at a 63mm but I doubt if I could at 16mm. I wonder whether you can at this small increase.

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