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Originally Posted by Patudo View Post
I've now been able to use the 10x version a number of times for long distance raptor observation. I've been meaning to write up a proper report on the other thread, but in short - the viewing experience it offers is quite unlike anything else. The huge field of view that is practically all sweet spot amazes me whenever I look through it. Ease of view and depth of field are tremendous.

It can be used hand held reasonably satisfactorily if you can brace your elbows on something solid, but is at its absolute best tripod mounted. On this day - having to view through the glass window that can be seen in the photo - I was able to see a peregrine coming up from a building some 3.6km away and follow it for a couple of minutes till it vanished into the distance.
That is exactly how I see a WX being used. Set up on a tripod in a static situation. It would also be nice on a tripod at Yellowstone Park in Wyoming scanning the Hayden Valley for wolves. That would be nice to see Peregrines out of your window!
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