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Pileated on the snag.

I hike with my dogs for a couple hours a day in the mountainsides above Ashland Oregon. It's smallish town very close to the border of N. California. There's a big snag off one of the trails and I see this Pileated on it about every tenth time I hike that trail. I saw it today. Once on a hike last summer I saw three of them. Lots of big snags for them.

However I've lived here 30 years and I swear there is a lot less bird and other animal life around anymore. I mean a lot less. Unless you're in town I mean as all the deer and turkeys have moved into town. On any day I can expect to see a dozen deer and often that many turkeys as I walk from my house to the trailheads. That's about a 15 minute walk.
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