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Originally Posted by EdwinBrophy View Post
Yes eating animal food is scary. The idea of eating food that is for animal consumption freaks people out I find. But really I eat much like an animal anyway and am still healthy.
But what type of animal,? Carnivore / Herbivore or Omnivorous.
I do not understand some of your ramblings. Given that there is a proven movement by human beings to reduce or stop consuming meat, more diets now include various types of meat substitutes that are fungi based. So any great fear of this organism is much reduced, though recently I once ate one mushroom picked from my garden, that I thought safe - oh no, after some very vivid dreams and a troublesome digestive system for a fortnight I wont be repeating such impulsiveness.
As regards Peanuts we've known that poor quality or badly stored quantities are not recommended to be fed to wild birds.

By the way, are you interested in wild birds?
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