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Hej Gunnar!

My short answer:

* if you wear glasses, keep the Zeiss FLs ... you won't find anything better;
* if you don't wear glasses, consider the Leica HD+ Ultravids ... they're as good and slightly smaller.

My longer answer:

I've been looking at 8x32s recently: I am on an on-off quest for the ideal bird-butterfly bins. Moreover my son asked me for comments on buying a light-weight pair of birding bins for his partner. In the end, he bought her a pair of Zeiss Conquest 8x32s ... very nearly as good as the alpha bins though, as you say, they are a little heavy for 8x32s.

The Swarovision 8x32s are lovely bins, but they too are a little larger and heavier than the 8x32 bins which would seem to match your needs most closely -- the Zeiss FLs and the Leica Ultravids.

The Ultravids are a touch smaller and lighter than the FLs ... at the expense of having, IMHO, rather too little eye relief.

I am, of course, far too British ever to exclaim "Wow!", so you'll have to assess that feeling yourself.

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