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Thanks for all the input.
Maybe I sounded a little hard on the FL and I think I want to take some of that back.
It is a very nice binocular and it is what I want regarding size and weight.
It also has very good ergonomics and a nice view.

My thoughts about the WOW effect was maybe more that I didnít get my 8x25 Nikon to work for me,
I had to put so much effort to just be able to se through it without blackouts or restricted FOV and when I got a decent image I very often experienced veiling glare.
So, I had a WOW experience when I then got the little Terra that was easy to look through and gave a sharper, brighter view without glare.
It wasnít such a revolutonary change with the FL but that maybe more tells me that the Terra and the Pentax after all are pretty good binoculars.

The Meopta mentioned seems very nice and also the Cabela Euro HD that I also was recommended.
If I hadnít found the FL for the discounted price I wouldnít have got it and Leica and Swaro is also out of reach I think.
Maybe I would have gone for the Conquest HD but now since I got the FL for a good price I will keep it, stop searching and enjoy it! It is a fine binocular.

What I said about not noticing the better FOV very much compared to the others I think it might be that I mostly tested it on static objects.
I know sometimes when using the Pentax and Terra and trying to follow a flying bird or searching for it that I have thought that a better FOV would be useful.

I will however see if I can try out some other Zeiss binoculars to see if the focus is as it should, as it is now both my Pentax and Terra is easier on fine adjustments of focus.
I donít think my Pentax 8x43 will get much use when I start using the FL but the small Terra is great to have in the pocket when walking the dog or out with the bike so it will still get used.

When I tried it more I will let you know how I feel about the focus.

Thanks again for helping me think this through!
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