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During the weekend I had a look at and through a lot of binoculars, mostly quick looks.

Without any deeper knowledge about all the details of the different aspects like resolution, distortion, abberations, flat field etc I more thought that if I put a bino up to my eyes I want to just get a great view.
And I want to get that great view without thinking about placement and fiddling with the focus, I just want it to be there,

Looking at it that way I would not want to replace my FL with any other of the 8x32 binos I tried except for maybe Swaro 8x32 EL and that would probably mostly be because the swaro I tested had a very smooth and easy focus.
Otherwise they were pretty similar and both the EL and FL gives that instant "great view" (in my eyes, others may of course think differently). The Swaro is much more expensive compared to what I paid for the FL so that is not going to happen.

I did not like the 8x32 Leicas I tried as much (but I did try the 8x42 Noctivid and it gave a beautiful image both with and without glasses).

There was a Zeiss guy doing some service and he had a look at my FL and he actually thought it was pretty good but all the Zeiss binos in their stand was smoother than mine.
He gave it a try to make it smoother but it was hardly noticeable and he said he couldn't do more there at the moment, then it had to go back to the factory.

In two weeks I will get to the store it came from and I will leave it to them to get it fixed, that after talking to Zeiss service department today. I'll guess I could send it in also but this way I don't have to bother with transport.

I did look at the Conquest HD 8x32 and it was good but prefer the FL. I also had a look at a Kamakura, don't remember the model but price similar to the Conquest. That was a strong competitor to the Conquest I think from my short view.

To sum it up:
The Zeiss FL 8x32 is a great binocular that will probably be even greater when the focus is the way I think it is supposed to be.
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