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I Really like your sketches, in particular the osprey---the feet! I really struggle with feet and I usually try to hide them .
Originally Posted by timwootton View Post
Yes, I noticed that too. There was a 'foot-fetish' thread on here a little while back - it ought to be resurrected (I for one, consistantly fail to get them right).
Lovely drawings Sam.
Originally Posted by ARTHUR BISHOP View Post
Hi Sam nice to see you posting here.looking forward to seeing a lot more.
Originally Posted by Woody View Post
Hi Sam, good to have you join us in the best bit of BF. Post away, it's great to see more and more work by different artists appearing on these threads.

Thanks guys, im glad you like my sketches, ive got a near endless amount of them
As for the feet, im not to bad at feet. I like bird of prey feet (like the osprey) because thier feet are so large and detailed (that's not part of the fetish is it?)
If it's one thing i hate drawing on a bird and i ALWAYS have trouble with them, is beaks!
I am trying to draw a great tit as a request at the minuet and the beak is really annoying me
I dont know how many times i have sketched the damn thing only to look at it and five seconds later rub it out
Any tips, they would be greatly appreciated
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