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Originally Posted by nikonmike View Post
What PP program do you use as there is a margin for improvement on these which would give a better idea of the cameras capabilities,
I would like to try it on one but need your permission, if not then thats ok.

You can play with anything you like with or without permission but post processing doesn't change a camera's abilities, really, it only modifies the resulting image to your taste. And it certainly doesn't change a camera's abilities for those who are seeking good out of camera results without post processing :)

I still haven't gotten any serious testing of the camera's BiF abilities in, hopefully in the next week or two. Overall my opinion remains the same - image quality is fine for my use, which is identifying rare / hard to ID birds. Whether that holds under challenging conditions (moving boat and seabirds against white caps, or dark birds in the understory of dark tropical forest) remains to be seen. Thus far it appears that the electronic viewfinder will be a much larger hindrance to performance than the autofocus performance.
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