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Originally Posted by Zackiedawg View Post
If you're looking to save certain settings in different modes like Aperture Priority and Shutter priority, then best to use the MR banks to store those. Each MR mode on the dial can save quite a number of settings together for easy access - including the shooting mode. So, if you set the camera to A priority mode, single frame, Flex spot center, center-weight metering, Auto ISO 100-1600, Auto WB, can then to go the menu, and save all of that to MR1. Then switch the mode dial back to S priority, set to a starting default of 1/1000, wide focus area, 8fps continuous drive, matrix metering, Auto ISO 100-3200, etc., you can save all of that to MR2.

Now, rather than going to S or A on the mode dial, you go to MR1 for your A-priority setup with all your saved settings, or MR2 for your S-priority setup with all your saved settings.

I believe as far as all the custom button assignments go, those are saved universally for the camera, across all modes. So there isn't a way that I know of to have C1 be set to ISO in one mode, and be set to Eye-focus in another, for example. C1 will always be whatever you assign to it, no matter the mode you're in.
Hope that helps.
Thanks so much - thats just what I wanted to know, appreciated..
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