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Hi Mark,

Just found this thread,nice one!

Today my mate and I decided to stay away from our usual weekend haunts within the Dunbar area, due to the large numbers of birders there for the assembled birds, prefer it like last weekend, just the two of us with the whole coastline to ourselves. A bit antisocial perhaps but there it is.

Anyway, started off at Gosford where we had a Black Throated Diver and around 10 Slavonian Grebe but not a lot else.
Onwards to Aberlady for a look at the river, 6 Pintail including 2 cracking males in amongst the assembled mass of birds there.

Gullane Point produced 3 Great Northern's and another Black Throat as well as a single Red Necked Grebe.

Finished the day off with my Larid fix at Seton Burn and Musselburgh where we had a single adult Med Gull.

So all in all quite a good day really.

re the coppers, I have been stopped a few times here but generally its just a quick hi and how are you, then what are you doing but never date of birth and so on, so I guess you looked very dodgy.
I know what you mean about the intrusion side of it though, although the blond female copper can shove her machine gun in my face anytime, although she will never beat the M16 toting mini skirted,stileto wearing Israeli girl walking down Eilat high street one year!

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