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Originally Posted by Paul Chapman View Post

The difference is essentially that he has replaced mainland Code 1 and 2's in 2016 with Hawaiian ones so far this year (albeit with 10 Hawaiian Code 3's). Broadly in line but arguably with a clearer opportunity to be more comprehensive in Hawaii with a clean up trip?

All the best

I agree in principle, but my point still remains that Hawaii gave John a notable boost at the end of 2016 (in 11 days in December ). As he has already seen over forty species there, the next visit is not going to have the same impact on a return. There is nowhere he is going to find the same return of 50 or so species in less than two weeks. So even if he is slightly ahead on numbers he is IMO going to find it more difficult to match his 2016 pace from here until the end of the year.

In terms of Hawaii, I guess he could get between 10-20 species by island hopping- and I was interested with his comment on the likely success of a pelagic. Not sure I understand which species he is focusing on that cant be seen off California in the fall.

Does anyone know when his planning to return to Alaska?
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