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Thanks Andrew

1 Isn't this a bit like burglars saying we're going to rob you unless you ask us not to? Shouldn't they ask me if I mind them tracking me and using the information?
2 Well they would say that....
3 Of course we are not trying to rule the world, we want to help you
4 Hmmmm...
5 Who told you i'm paranoid?

The point is, Google Analytic is a tracking cookie, it tracks you everywhere you go on the internet and gathers information
Ollie says 60% of sites use it
I can stop it from tracking me on all of those sites except Google, Facebook and now Birdforum
Google, well it's their site and their cookie, Facebook I can manage without
But what I want to know is why can't I stop the cookie being set by Birdforum, until now, a site I trusted and allowed to set permanent cookies?


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