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Originally Posted by Bananafishbones View Post
Hi Pam, good to see you back
Bit of a late reply but thanks!!

Originally Posted by JeffMoh View Post
It's a long time since I've posted here. In August 2016 we left our exurban home near Houston, Texas and moved to Barcelona.
Unfortunately, we now see many fewer birds at home. Our old house had two gardens, was surrounded by other large gardens and often attracted 20+ species in a day. Our flat in Spain is in a very urban setting and has no garden but only a 6' X 10' balcony. Luckily the balcony overlooks a small garden with a vegetable plot and a couple of small trees and so we do get a few visitors to our feeders. We also get occasional flyovers.
At present the only regular visitors to our feeders are Collared Doves, Blackbirds, a Robin and Black Redstarts. Other birds I see frequently from our balcony are Magpies, Starlings, Monk Parakeets, Serins, Sardinian Warblers (photo) and Yellow-legged Gulls.
I was just thinking about you the other day, I still have your US blog link on my list. I miss your blog posts! Bar the Redstarts it sounds like my regular feeder visitors!
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