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Originally Posted by Tobias Mennle View Post
I agree viewing comfort is a big problem in the Ultravid 8x32 making it a luxury product for bright days only. Optimized for small size with overaggressive baffling (truncated exit pupils) for good flare suppression.
More insights on the FL?
Just wondering, are you suggesting that the 'truncated exit pupils' are the only apparent reason for the viewing discomfort in the Ultravid 8x32?
What are your thoughts on the Noctivid in this regard?

When I inspect the Noctivid, they are appear to have heavier baffling and fewer false pupils than even the 8x32 Ultravid. Held up to light, the eyepiece is pitch black and the exit pupils are lovely and round. It almost appears as though Leica have inserted a pitch black disk somewhere into the eyepiece with an exit pupil aperture in the centre. I see no downside in viewing whatsoever. Perhaps this is the benefit of a fresh design slate....Leica are fixing issues upstream.
Here's hoping for an 8x32 Noctivid.

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