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That would be a first Gerald

When the grants become available i will update...

When/if used it will be poisoning by proxy rather than illegally by Iberia’s only ‘rogue’ farmer

The Spanish Govt not only needs a potted history of its use but if their memory is short also the effect of DDT, Aldrin Dieldrin etc. They need to be made aware that populations of species like Peregrine and Sparrowhawk only enjoy the healthy numbers of today because a Red light was flagged several decades ago.

I don’t live there it is up to residents to do the heavy lifting - raptors must not be used as throwaway ‘Litmus Paper’ as they have in the past. Vets must exercise caution and Farmers must not be appeased as they are throughout Europe.

Currently we have had an estimated 40k Badgers murdered to appease a minority interest with 25% dying in agony and it will be being subsidised by somebody - ultimately us but people can nit-pick over semantics.

Chance favours the prepared mind

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