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Originally Posted by Barred Wobbler View Post
An ID required on this one.

I was on the beach near the naval base at Rota in SW Spain a couple of weeks ago. A Cessna 650 Citation VII with standard Armada markings passed over several times with its wheels down on the approach, presumably doing 'touch and goes'. When I saw this come in from the sea I thought it was the Cessna on another approach. It's superficially similar, but the cockpit profile is different and it has wing tip winglets and a high tail.

Not an ID marking or even national marking or registration to be seen apart from the three-digit tail number 151.

Any ideas?
Certainly weather research aircraft have been known to have fewer windows than standard models, but then, so did some of the aircraft used to transport 'extraordinary rendition' suspects who ended up in GITMO...
The fuzziness of all supposedly absolute taxonomic distinctions - Stephen Jay Gould (1977) "Ever Since Darwin: Reflections in Natural History".
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