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Originally Posted by mpedris
Thanks a lot, people, for the valuable feedback.

I understand what most of you say about weather-proofing and the Sri Lankan climate. I, too, am a bit concerned about this. But my point is, at this price point, I'd rather settle for the best optics and be a little extra careful about storage conditions, rather than to settle for a little less optical quality but complete weather-proofness.

What do ya'll say?

Owners of Nikon SE told me that SE seal was good. It can take light rain, but definitively not submersion in water. Nikon must take into consideration while designed the SE that their binoculars are used in very wide climate around the world. I wouldn't worry about very humid weather. I own the 10x42 SE, it is fantastic, I wouldn't buy a bino just for waterproof only
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