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Thailand in August 2011...Khao Yai??

Hi gonna have 5 nights in Thailand in the middle of August. I know its rainy season! 2 nights I will spend in Bangkok so have 2/3 nights to go somewhere for bird photography. I would probably like to do 2 nights / 3 days. I am thinking about going to Khao Yai and staying there. I have done alot of research and read loads about accommodation and guides etc.. Some of the packages seem to be quite expensive.....I saw one for 1 night 2 days which was nearly 19 000 baht for 1 which seems quite expensive ( i'm sure it would be cheaper if I was part of a group ). I am not a massively keen and knowledgeable birder more a keen photographer who wants to take some pictures of lots of colourful birds ( not so interested in waders and shorebirds ) Should I just get myself to the park and do the trails on my own for a couple of days or is it really worth the extra expense of a guide! I have thought about camping but keep thinking I'm gonna get up in the night to go for a pee and will step on a cobra.... anyway any advice would be really helpful.....never done any kind of birding trip before so don't really know the form. Thank you!
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