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6x24 trinovid price

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Old Monday 23rd September 2013, 06:55   #51
Holger Merlitz
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Originally Posted by joejeweler View Post
Ahhh,....thanks for correcting my misuderstanding of the "loan".

Regarding the Leitz 6X24 Trinovid,....i too feel a lot of the recent offerings are greatly overpriced. Perhaps the pricing is just a bit premature, however, i believe i'm into my exc+++ pair for just a little over $600, from back in 2009. With the 1 or 2% inflation often "claimed" by our gooberment, glass surely isn't figured into that mix! Otherwise you'd see nice examples offered for $625 or so!

Lately i've seen some offered between $900 and $1500,.....but of course the higher one is almost guarenteed to sit around a VERY long time!

However, looked at from another point of view,.....what else out there can do what the 6X Trinovid can, from ANY era?

Absolutely nothing if you want a huge field of view, light weight, small size, durable and quality build, etc.

It only takes ONE buyer of anything at any offered price. With some folks the money doesn't really matter. Do you think Bill Gates (or someone close in net worth) would be put off picking up the mint $1,500 example if he had a mind to, and desired the features that model offers? I don't........

Regarding the lack of full FOV for eyeglass wearing,......that's never been a consideration for me (and i suspect a lot of folks). Although i wear prescription eyeglasses, i prefer the sharper view of a "B" type bino with the eyecups in the down position.

I'm annoyed wearing eyeglasses and using a good bino over any length of time. For a quick search,....not a problem. But for anything beyond that i simply am not thrilled with the "feel" of eyeglasses between me and the binoculars. The feeling to me is like having to wear a "raincoat" when getting frisky with the misses!

As time goes on, most lenses in eyeglasses tend to develope hairlines that can't easily be taken out, and smears that can but needed regular attention to do so. And over extended viewing time there can be wear imparted to your eyeglasses.

So lack of a "B" longer eye relief design in the old 6X24 Trinovid was never a concern for me, and is not a factor in any binocular i look at seriously for possible purchase.

....and for what it's worth,......the HUGE 212m/1000m FOV would never be possible with any extension of eye relieve. It's just one of the trade offs decided upon when this glass was designed, and which in my opinion was the correct choice.

I wouldn't opt to reduce the FOV down to 170m/1000m just to gain Eye Relief, but that's what would probably result with an extension of ER to allow eyeglass wearing ability.

For what it's worth, i don't believe i'll ever see a more modern incarnation of this design, built from the bottom up.

But i WOULD pay $500 to $700, were it an option, to have Leico provide the parts and labor to take my already exhisting 6X24 Trinovid into the modern performance age of sharpness and brightness.

.......don't change another thing though, else the deal's not worth doing!

30% longer ER would imply 30% wider eye-lenses of the oculars - that would still be OK without driving the binocular too far out of balance.

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Old Monday 23rd September 2013, 13:29   #52
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. Hi John,
thanks for the offer but being in England it is not practical even as regards transport and customs duty etc.

In the 1970s I got a 5 1/8 inch F5 Jaeger's objective from the USA, coated and in its correct cell.
This was professionally made into a wonderful Richfield telescope with a 3 inch drawtube, which accommodated a giant Kodak World War II extra wide angle eyepiece coated but some of these contain thorium although mine didn't.
The Telescope worked from 16 times to 145 times superbly and with a 3 mm Clave eyepiece it gave 200 times but this revealed a tiny amount of not being perfectly aligned but it still worked well.
I could see stars down to magnitude 13.1 from a light polluted town at 100 times with this excellent telescope.
incidentally, the Swift 4 mm Orthoscopic eyepiece in 0.965 inch fit giving 145 times did contain thorium. at least two out of the three did.
The rear element was ground up and a radiochemist analysed this and was surprised at the amount of alpha particles given off.
This is relevant because such a short focal length eyepiece has almost zero eyerelief and from memory alpha particles can travel almost 20 mm in air and these would impact the front surface of the eye.
The reason I mention this is that British customs opened the parcel and inspected it and when I got it the object glass was completely loose in the packet, with the packet being broken and the lens almost falling out.
I wouldn't trust British customs or the post office with anything made of glass.

I don't wear glasses when using binoculars so small eye relief is no problem for me.

If extra wide-angle binoculars were made nowadays especially with modern coatings and modern glass that is what I would buy but in the main they don't exist.

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Old Wednesday 25th December 2013, 10:39   #53
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Someone's really happy now

... but I'm not the lucky bidder.
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