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List of Bird Song field notes

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buckskin hawk
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List of Bird Song field notes

Below is my list of song field notes that I can carry out into the field. This helps jog my memory when I hear a familiar song but can't recall which bird it is. Quotes are around call notes. Name sayers are noted with the word name. Does anyone else keep such field notes?

Birds that I have identified.
Black Crowned Night Heron, Qualk
Green Heron, Scowl
Canadian Goose, Honk Honk
Broad Winged Hawk, a short intro with a High Peeeeeeeee
Red Shouldered Hawk, shorter notes and more whiney than a red tailed.
Red Tailed Hawk, Sounds like an eagle introductory note screams that decend.
Norther Bob Whites name
Ring Neck Phesant Teequalk
Killdeer Kidee Kidee Kidee or dee dee dee
Mourning Dove Wing whirrr
Barred Owl Whc cooks for you? Who cooks for you allllll?
Great Horned Owl Whose awake! Me Too!
Western Screech Owl Whiney like a horse
Chuck Will's Widow name
Common Poor-will name
Belted Kingfisher Rattle with a Sharp T should on the same pitch.
Downy Woodpecker Whinney down the scale whit a "pik" call note
Hairy Woodpecker Rattle on one pitch with a "Peek" call note
Northern Flicker Flick flick flick ---___--- Up down then up again in pitch.
Pileated Woodpecker Kee Kee Kee in a rising mountain pattern.
Red Billied Woodpecker Churr Churr Churr each churr is slurred up the scale
Red Headed Wookpecker Quear that desends the scale like an upside down L
Eastern Kingbird High pitched electrical spark, two short notes followed by a long note.
Eastern Phoebe name
Eastern Wood Pewee pee-a-wee
Great Crested Flycatcher Wheep Wheep upslurred notes
Red Eyed Vireo A thre noted song followed by a long pause. Where are you? Here I am.
Warbling Verio warble that end up the scal with a "tway"
American Crow Caw
Blue Jay Hawk like but not quite
Fish Crow craw more muffled
Black Capped Chickadee "Fee Bee" - call note
Carolina Chickadee "Fee bee bee bay" - call note
Tufted Titmouse Whistle- tear (downward slurred note) cheeva cheeva cheeva (lake)
White Breasted Nuthatch Ank Ank Ank
Canyon Wren tea kettle tea kettle
American Robin Call note is a whinney like a horse.
Eastern Bluebirds muffled like it is talking to itself
Gray Catbird mimics but not repetitions with a catlike meeoow
Hermit Thrush flute like long beginning note
Wood Thrush flute like eee-o-lay ends in a trill "whit"
Brown Thrasher Repeats phrases 1 or 2 times
Northern Mockingbird Repeats phrases 3 or more times
Cedar Waxwings High pitched sawing a log, zee zee zee zee
Black and White squeeky wheel wee sa wee sa
Kentucky Cher ee cher ee
Nothern Parula Buggy trill up the scale
Yellow Throated Whitchity whitichity whitchity
Rose Breasted Grosbeak A sharp "Chink" call note
Summer Tanager "Pick-e-tuck-e-tuck" call note
Indigo Bunting A sharp "Chink" call note like a rock striking another rock like a Northern Cardinal
Chipping Sparrow Faster than a Swamp but a squeeky wheel
Field Sparrow Rhythm is like a ping pong ball dropped on a table.
Song sparrow maids maids maids put on your tea kettle etle etle
White-Throated Sparrow "Ol Sam Peabody Peabody Peabody"
Dark-eyed Junco Bell like cheep. ______---------______
Northern Cardinal Whistle-Which you Which you
Brown Headed Cowbirds high pitched underwater or bubble zee
Common Grackle noisey
Eastern Meadowlarks Whistled -spring of the year four notes
Great-Tailed Loud high pitched screams and whistles
Red winged Blackbird conqueree
Starlings high pitched screams
American Goldfinch "Per - chickery"
House Finch Zree notes enbedded in the wabling song
Purple Finch Ends with a downward trill and "tick"
English House Sparrows chatter like at mom's house
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