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Free broadband with Talk Talk

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Old Tuesday 28th November 2006, 13:27   #26
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[quote=Kits]Hi Dave

Noooo, I hadn't forgotten you.

It has taken till last week for TalkTalk to contact us to tell us that they were ready to enable our broadband (and my original post to you was early July!). OH has been so appalled at their lack of service that he spoke to BT, our current provider, and told them that he was thinking of going over to TT. BT matched the offer. So we have done all right.

A friend of ours applied to go to TT the week before we did. They finally went over last week; they have had no internet since the end of July as they cancelled their AOL contract. I had an email from them on Thursday saying they were not happy with TT.

So there you go.

I am glad you are happy with them.

I must admit I thought I'd made a mistake as a lot of negative publicity occurred just after I applied to TT. However, to their credit the landline switch over went ok and on time and I got set up for BB about a week later than TT had forecast. There were lots of glitches, couldn't get connected via the CD, e-mail didn't work properly, couldn't always log on but all these problems seemed to sort themselves out if I left it alone for 24 hours. BB speed is very fast (for me that is) so no gripes there. Only problem I have at the moment is TT did some upgade work on my exchange (to give greater BB speed) and ever since mt landline phone's ring pattern has changed. Instead of the normal 'ring-ring-pause, ring-ring-pause' it now goes 'ring-very long pause-ring-very long pause' Almost think the caller has rung off the as pause can be so long. I've spoken to them and they have listed it as a fault but not sorted out yet (3 weeks).

Glad you were able to get a good deal from BT.


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Old Saturday 2nd December 2006, 22:52   #27
Dubh Ghall
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Originally Posted by d.steeley
Thanks for the feedback folks, unfortunately I need to use a BT line but the deal does seem very good. At the moment I pay BT well over 60.00 per quarter for just a landline and calls and I don't use the phone much. From what I understand the Talk Talk option should be no more than 60.00 per quarter and includes calls and Broadband.

Be advised. I have just come back on line after almost five months.

I was with Tesco, but decided to go to Talk talk; Well it seemed such a good offer, 20 for broadband, and all the local/national phone calls I could make.

It would take 15 days to connect me, once they had the Migration code (MAC number) not to be confused with MAC address.

So I got the MAC numbr and passed it to them.

15 days later, I had heard nothing, so I phoned to see what was happening.

Another 15 days, (They were having a problem)

So another 15 days, and there I am again.

This time, they need a MAC number.

"You've had it", I said, "I've already given it to you".
To which they replied that the number I had given them was obsolete.

I checked with Tesco, Tesco said "Don't be daft". Well, not in so many words, you understand.

Back to TT. "There is nothing wrong with the MAC code".

"Err, well, no" they said, "But you shouldnt have given it to us, until we asked".

I bit my tongue, before I said something that I might regret.

So I read the letter, and the ref No, they had sent me, to them.

Oh. Sorry 15 days.

After several more "15 days", and an assortment of feeble excuses that would have embassased the government, I'd had enough, and as a certain cartoon sailor was wont to say, "enough is too much".

Phone Tesco. "how long would it take you to get me back on line if I got you a MAC number, and got my self a BT line?"

To which they replied, "You are still connected to us, your MAC code hasn't been used, as soon as you have a BT lne, you are up and running".

Called BT, "Ten working days" they said",

And "Ten working days" later, at about half four PM, MS Messanger went mad, and logged on.

Tesco costs me 14:95(I think), per month. and you get a free USB modem.
The only gripe I have with them, it that their tech help line is 0.50, per min.

In fairness, the only time I used it, was when I was trying to get connected to Talk Talk.

Talk Talk sounds good, but I have it from a reliable source, that there are about 200,000, people out there, all having the same problems with Talk Talk, as I had.

PS if you do go to Tesco, have the modem.

They need it to do their tests, should it be necessary.

I have got 5 computers, and a printer, set up in a wireless network, using a Netgear Modem/Router, and no problems what so ever.
The spelling, like any opinion stated here, is purely my own.

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Old Sunday 3rd December 2006, 10:30   #28
Ken Noble
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The whole BB industry seems a bit of a lottery. When I was on NTL there were loads of unsatisfied customers. Now I'm with PlusNet their forums are full of people saying, let's get out of here. (The only snag is that, according to what I've read there, you have to stay with PlusNet for 5 years in order to avoid paying for the 'free' hardware that you get when you join. I'm not sure if this applies to me as I was on an 'easy start' package which has since been discontinued and I didn't keep a copy of the terms and conditions.) At the moment I'm considering downgrading to a cheaper package (which gives you less web space but I can live with that). But some on the forum say that the service is bad on the cheaper package. It's a bit of a lottery!
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