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Minox HG 8.5X52 BR Mullings

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Old Thursday 16th November 2017, 16:52   #1
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Minox HG 8.5X52 BR Mullings

HG 8.5X52 BR

Discounted I snagged one <7 bills that the salesman assured me was in inventory for at least two years. Here's a real review from 7/2011:

FOV is listed at 5.8* 306'. Most birders find that too restrictive, but the plus side is large exit pupils. Colour seems fairly accurate/represented w/o over saturation/WOW/POP. A quick check at 20' in the carport showed at least 300'. Not the brightest transmission numbers though bright enough I suppose.

I have stubby fingers thus the bell/trumpet shape is most enjoyable. The focus wheel is marked 'YARDS' after 4,5,6,8,10,15,20,30,50,100 & infinity. The figures appear to accurately match focus at distance. CCW to infinity the wheel turns almost 360*. First 90* gets you to 6, the second to 15, the third to 100. Metal wheel is 12 rows deep of flat topped pyramids rising from tiny squares. Smooth to the touch, yet affords good grip. No slack, tension is the same CCW/CW very smooth action w/enough drag to require more force than some though I feel this is due, at least in part, to the faster gearing. W/time it might become easier, but it cannot be any smoother. For the most part I'm only using 280* of focus w/rest past infinity.

The metal focus ring on the right barrel pulls out for adjustment then locks upon closing. Four position eyecups ER 19.4mm should allow full viewing w/coke bottle glasses. Fully extended I cannot rest my eyes in normal fashion. I might prowl about for plastic washers to extend the eyepieces as I prefer to sink me eyeballs into the cups.

Waterproof to 5 meters I suppose if one wishes to go snorkling. The claim is 775 gm. They are evah so slightly heavier than the discontinued Vortex Viper 8.5X50 which also has the same style pull/push locking diopter though a plastic ring. These are available at OP/BH for 1300 clams though EO was asking 7 1/2 bills at closeout when in stock. Comes w/light neoprene case, rainguard & strap. Tethered objective covers from the Viper fit well enough & can be purchased for around 12 bucks TTD.

Narrow fov, but it's mostly sharp in focus to the edge. CA is more noticable when close to the sun though I do not find it enough to be intrusive.
Even looking away under overcast skies a minute yellow ring is on the very edge. Beyond that/from the edge a small shoulder perhaps 5-10% where light violet is seen if looking there.

I feel PC it is at the limit of my personal preference. Well controlled in fast scans & pans I do not notice when moving slowly. Excessive PC bothers me scanning up trees though I found this well behaved enough even though I prefer listing a mite more towards globe effect. More FOV could produce a different tale. Quick star test shows right at the cusp of pin spots.

A smallish FOV, a tad CA w/transmission numbers 'only' in the high 80's is no big deal as the price was right. The metal focus ring w/metal focus wheel is a nice touch in a world full of plastic. Plus the Magnesium body helps keep it extremely light especially sportin' 52mm objectives. Exit pupils are huge performing well in overcast/dim-dark conditions. I like the 8.5X that allbinos tested at 8.77X. A wee bit more punch plus the bins are small.

The 62191 somewhat dated as apparently this model hasn't changed in eight years. It would seem to be due for an upgrade. I consider the price of 1300USD ridiculous considering technology employed in what else is available in 2017. I think the price continues to rise w/nothing of additional value added. Perhaps NOS lounging in warehouses. I find it hard to believe that they sell very many.

Yet, It is a niche bin that found at discount I thoroughly enjoy.

As always, YMMV ...

ETA: Bear in mind me dominate right eye has an IOL whilst the left suffers from a mild cataract. All observations are w/both, save star test, though I can close the left for a better/sharper/clearer view. So, take conclusions w/grain of salt.

The much ballyhooed GPO HD 8.5X50 315' 33.2oz w/10% off at OP comes to 1079.99 TTD. Larger bin w/+ 6 oz.

ETA II: I compared this bin overall to me Conquest 10X40 and directly to the discountined MIJ Vortex Viper 8.5X50. I felt the Minox was a step to 1.5X better than the Viper. The Viper was game, 15' less FOV, not quite edge-edge sharp though close. If the choice was Viper 4 bills Vs. Minox at 13 I'd take the Viper. The Minox even at 750 still suffers from stiff competition around 800-1000.
Celestron M2 f/5.4 100mm ED-Manfrotto 516 fluid head w/140mm sliding plate

SLV 50* 4mm-- HD-60* 4.5mm-- UWA 82* 5.5mm-- SLV 6mm-- Luminos 82* 7mm-- MWA 100* 10mm-- Luminos 15mm--TV Nagler 50* 3mm/180X - 6mm/90X Zoom

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Old Sunday 19th November 2017, 00:03   #2
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Location: Central AR
Posts: 717
W/o appearing to be too harsh on the Minox I wanted to add an after sunset view. One hundred yards out back is a small tree covered in vines. Viewing w/naked eye it seems to resemble a cedar, in daytime light; close to sunset disappears, due to the shape w/small green leaves of the vines.

The Viper picked up the outline & dull darkness in the middle. The Minox showed detail/texture in the center/inside outline. That view would be at least a step & half better. Extra diameter could be a factor though allbinos test showed only 51.6mm. I do not intend to beat up on the Minox as it has strong points just a wee bit long in the tooth.

Though the rainguard is flimsy objective covers absent. I replaced the rainguard w/superior, in material/design, Viper then added the tethered objective lens covers also from the Viper. That change has nothing to do w/view. Yet, those little things show me that someone was looking at everything from stem to stern. A cheap rainguard does not instill confidence on a bin touted worthy of 1K+ price.

At closeout I paid 300USD six years ago for the Viper about the same time as the allbino review of the Minox. I paid a bit over double that for the Minox. W/those terms I'm very happy w/both.

When EO announced their closing everything went on sale. The Minox languished at 750USD until a little over a page of bins were left mostly being inexpensive examples.

As near as I can tell it is the same bin that rolled out by at least 2009. A lot has changed in eight years.
Celestron M2 f/5.4 100mm ED-Manfrotto 516 fluid head w/140mm sliding plate

SLV 50* 4mm-- HD-60* 4.5mm-- UWA 82* 5.5mm-- SLV 6mm-- Luminos 82* 7mm-- MWA 100* 10mm-- Luminos 15mm--TV Nagler 50* 3mm/180X - 6mm/90X Zoom

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