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Victory FL 7x42 - more problems

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Old Saturday 8th August 2020, 14:35   #26
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Really this model is a good all-round for birding ( I think for forest..) and others purposes ?
The 7X more stability but minor power that 8X/8.5X maybe ?
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Old Saturday 8th August 2020, 14:38   #27
Essex Tern
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Originally Posted by CharleyBird View Post
Thanks, a careful 'shake test' will be undertaken on arrival, Tuesday. Crossing my fingers they will prove a good sibling to my HD+ which are top notch. Just couldn't resist a minty/new FL
Good spot, In-Focus I think they must have been can’t imagine they come up too often in mint condition, as for example I shan’t be letting mine go any time soon! and expect a lot of owners feel exactly the same. If you wanted quite probably the best 7x ever, I think you will now have it need to shake, just dab the cover and you will feel the movement - non-existent in general use unless you happen to brush it with a finger, but even then it is hardly the loudest sound ever. Enjoy the view.
Essex Tern \('')/
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Old Saturday 8th August 2020, 15:00   #28
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Yup, lucky; where else would you get a brand new sent from Zeiss FL (with the older original mint accessories from the unrepairable set).
Hot weather had me awake, 4am, couldn't believe it...
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Old Saturday 8th August 2020, 22:04   #29
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I had a 10x32 FL a few years ago that began rattling. Something must have come loose inside of it.

Sent it back to Zeiss and received a brand new unit that didn't display the same problem.
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Old Sunday 9th August 2020, 10:55   #30
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Originally Posted by GoldenBear View Post
Just today have found another issue my Victory FL 7x42's that is really irritating. There is a distinctive rattle coming from somewhere inside. I can't tell which barrel, and I cannot visually see anything, but there is a definite noise. Seems to be somewhere in the eyepiece end.

A while back I posted how I found this old stock, NIB binocular at a very reputable Zeiss dealer, and had to send them in for repair of a reflection in the right barrel. When I received them back I thought they were repaired nearly perfectly, although after using them awhile I noticed they still have more reflection in one barrel than the other... about 95% better though.

I was pretty disappointed that they supposedly cleaned the interior surfaces, but I swear there was more dust and dirt in both barrels than when I sent them in. An unacceptable amount really, but since it does't affect the view, and because I didn't want to send them back and wait another 4 months, i figured I'll live with it.

Now, despite never being dropped, bumped, or mishandled in any way, they have developed an obnoxious rattle. I am really developing a love / hate with Zeiss. I had a pair of gray 10x42 SF's that showed shoddy build quality, and I've seen a lot of dust and dirt in several other models I've examined. (No maker is exempt from a speck of two of dust, but Zeiss is easily the worst from my experience)

I know others have had different experiences, but their QC really seems to be subpar from what I've seen. Especially frustrating considering how long it takes them to turn around repairs.
You've been unlucky with the example you bought and the service experience but with a better specimen, assuming you like the balance, weight, size and image you would feel very differently. With one that is in good condition and properly serviced you would get the experience you deserve from one of the all-time greats. I.e. don't give up on Zeiss yet...

To give you some hope and cause for optimism, I have had two pairs of binoculars serviced by Zeiss in Britain -- an 8x32 Victory T*FL i.e. the baby brother of your 7x42, and the 7's predecessor, the 7x42 Dialyt B. Both came back good as new and looking new, quickly too. Lee and others may be able to confirm my impression: that there have been some QA problems owing to moving repair departments etc in the USA but that things are supposedly moving in the right direction again, with posts on this forum to back it up. I'm sorry you have been unlucky but I am sure with some guidance from others on here you could get your 7 back to its factory spec condition. Touch wood, no rattles or problems as you describe when I used mine this morning. Wishing you the best of luck.


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Old Sunday 9th August 2020, 13:03   #31
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rattle eliminated

Originally Posted by garymh View Post
This cover has to move to allow opening and closing of the hinge. Do NOT glue it unless you want to jam up the hinge and do other horrible damage to the binocular !!!!!!!!

No panic! It is just a matter of how much glue one uses. I placed a very tiny droplet of G-S Hypo cement ( and this has eliminated the rattle yet still allows the cover to move. The main problem, as I see it, is that the space towards the focuser is a tiny bit wider in the 7x model compared to the 8x and 10x versions that I also own. I have never had any rattles on those, but did have it on the 7x.
--PS: That's a Sooty Falcon on the avatar, photo taken near Sharm el Sheik, Egypt. My highest priority raptor at the time.
What's your species on the avatar? I often have no clue
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Old Friday 14th August 2020, 12:02   #32
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Used my 7x42 FL over the last week, comparing with Leica UV+. Looking towards a small palm tree at about 30' and into dark copper-maple trees behind at 60'. At night, dawn, midday sun and dusk...they work. An unfussy, business-like binocular.

If I insert my finger in the small gap I can feel a very slight movement. But there's no rattle (shake or roll ).
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Old Monday 17th August 2020, 07:56   #33
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I've had an 8x32FL for about 8 years, and experienced the rattle from the dust cover - now, perhaps persistent movement of the hinge has stopped it happening, or i just don't notice it anymore....
Interestingly though, i revisited the Allbinos review of the 8x32, and there is a mention of 'some kind of rattling inside?', you're not the only one! Once i'd seen where it was coming from, and why the piece is there, i stopped thinking about it.
A bit disconcerting at first, but, as they say, 'knowledge is power'.....
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Old Wednesday 26th August 2020, 21:05   #34
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None of my Zeiss FL’s ( 7x42, 10x42, nor 10x32 ) has any sort of rattle. Nor did my pockets after being left empty after each of their purchases!
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