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Nikon Demo 20x56

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Old Saturday 26th August 2017, 14:59   #1
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Nikon Demo 20x56

E-mail from Optics Planet Thursday has me perusing the 14% off wares. Couldn't become too excited though there was a deal or two. I ease on over to the Nikon offerings und notice a Monarch 5 20x56 demo for $599. Sure, the bay or Amazon has grey market a mite cheaper. They won't tell you such up front though when pressed merely remark that it is an unopened bonafide Nikon. Along w/purchase the demo &/or new bin comes accompanying e-mail containing one hundred dollars in a gift certificate. Could I also be so lucky for the demo to qualify as a select 14% off item? I load the demo in cart taking notice that the card loads as well. Bingo!

Now, to paste the 14% off coop-un pushing the apply button.


Rats, yet in the note o' condolence lies the challenge:

Coupon Code / Promotional Code OPT14 is not applicable, but we'd be happy to take care of you! Please call us at ___ or chat with us.

So, I weave me sad tale of woe in the chat box, sent it off awaiting potential of being taken care of on percentage off of price combined w/generous gift certificate.
Young gent types in "just a minute" on the monitor whilst reading the surely pitiful if not painful account of unrequited discount longing. Then the long awaited response from the would be savior:

"The 14% discount will not work w/that item"

Well, I thought no shite Sherlock that's what I brought to your attention in the first place and how might that response happily take care of me?
Regardless of redundancy I type reminder via chat window of that little tid-bit and me original inquiry, "How are you going to take care of me"? The whole time thinking, 'what have you done for me lately?'
Before I could compose complete retort he replies w/o negotiation, "$540.12 is the best I can do."


I'll take it. He asks for some personal information over a couple of exchanges. Now, he's taken the bait. Then comes his request for method of payment.
This is where I set the hook, "Does the 100 clam gift certificate still come w/deal?", fully expecting to see the would be trophy out of the water shake it's head lose bait and dive back in never to be seen again.

"Certainly", the lad replies. Wow, I've landed a ten percent discount on top of the C-note certificate. We finish up the paperwork then I open the invoice e-mail attempting to use new found wealth. Feeling as a bandit I wish to spend the windfall before the ruse of ill-gotten gain is discovered by OP authorities.

The code would not work. Well, that's not cricket so I grab the phone, call and confirm w/customer service. A friendly lass answers and upon checking the invoice announces the gift certificate kosher. However, they simply haven't had the time to process that e-mail w/proper code. More time to shop.

I really don't wish for a hundred clams off a bin, but another torch is a horse of different colour. A demo Sightmark SS2000 w/three Cree LED powered by two 18650 Li-Ion batteries a green/red/blue filter, charger, on/off pressure switch und weapon mount looks rather snappy. Not quite sure if I'll ever mount the torch on a weapon though if I ever get around to it I'll never remember where I placed the hardware. Price new at $149.99 reveals demo 30 clams saving at $119.99.

Which difference is roughly what a top o' the line pair of 18650, 3400mAh 3.7V Protected Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Button Top Batteries cost. I'll probably settle for a half price 2600mAh as comes factory w/2000mAh. I have a two-CR123a light in which I can alternate the used 18650 2000mAh cells. Leaving the oddball 3-CR123a torch, but price on generic cell is only a buck a pop. Another twenty-thirty bucks of batteries has me good to go w/free shipping. I've been putting off for months a $50 battery order for lack of just cause.

The e-mail has the proper code w/additional e-mail spreading icing on the cake, a fin off next order within thirty days, topping off at $105. I'm out $14.99 for the torch not including the additional new batteries. I knew the 14% wouldn't work, yet was pleasantly surprised when I asked if the $100 gift card still came w/bins, after knocking off 10%, as I fully expected to hear, "No". Twenty-five more dollars more or less would buy grey market new/used off Amazon. Rather buy demo from OP than a grey market deal from some warehouse middleman in Miami w/90%+ rating to boot.

They seem to be willing at least to deal on a demo, that came w/100 dinero gift certificate, which made me a happy camper. You might give it a go on a new item to see what shakes. Nothing ventured nothing gained, eh?
45 products
$100 Gift Certificate with Select Items
While supplies last!

As always YMMV ...
Celestron M2 f/5.4 100mm ED-Manfrotto 516 fluid head w/140mm sliding plate

SLV 50* 4mm-- HD-60* 4.5mm-- UWA 82* 5.5mm-- SLV 6mm-- Luminos 82* 7mm-- MWA 100* 10mm-- Luminos 15mm--TV Nagler 50* 3mm/180X - 6mm/90X Zoom

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Old Saturday 26th August 2017, 15:12   #2
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What a palaver.

Is the Nikon 20x56 Demo any good?
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Old Saturday 26th August 2017, 16:16   #3
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I think I would have opened a bottle of cool white wine in a dark room and bu**er the binos.

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Old Saturday 26th August 2017, 17:09   #4
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just so when the demo arrives it doesn't have a big scratch across one of the lenses.....
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Old Saturday 26th August 2017, 17:29   #5
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I've not a notion on how good. I'm sure in bright light they'll be nice or at least as much so as they will come up short in dim light. I feel rather certain that I'd be better off w/16x56 offloading the 15x56 Vulture in the process.

As fate would dictate there nary was 16x56 demo to be had. I noted the Monarch 5 weighs the same as the Vulture, so perhaps the extra 5X will be handy. I'll bide me time till next week hopefully not relieving meself from wanton excitement upon uber bin delivery.

ETA: I've always had good luck w/demos, yet if not in tip top shape from stem to stern off she goes back to the rack.
Celestron M2 f/5.4 100mm ED-Manfrotto 516 fluid head w/140mm sliding plate

SLV 50* 4mm-- HD-60* 4.5mm-- UWA 82* 5.5mm-- SLV 6mm-- Luminos 82* 7mm-- MWA 100* 10mm-- Luminos 15mm--TV Nagler 50* 3mm/180X - 6mm/90X Zoom

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Old Monday 28th August 2017, 18:10   #6
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Giddy as today is the day o' delivery I almost jumped up as Navin R. Johnson, The Jerk, "The new phonebook's here! The new phonebook's here"! Spirits tempered a mite though as I heard the thud of a box being dropped on the concrete floor in the carport.

Opened 'er up and no shortage of large bubble wrap on top w/nary a stitch of tape to secure bins. As if a child could not deduce that w/o rigging the weight would find its way to the bottom.

No worse for wear I suppose. I compared the Monarch V 20x56 to me Vulture HD 15x56 handheld naturally. They weigh the same w/practically the same dimensions except the Vulture barrels are tapered. My hand fit better on those as I have short fat fingers. The Nikon fit wasn't really worse just different. Plus I'm accustom to the Vulture.

I looked at a T-bar around one hundred yds away. W/Vulture I could see the lugs on the top that's painted silver, yet the ones in green eluded me. Not so w/MV at 20X. They stuck out as a sore thumb. It's an overcast day w/rain earlier, so not the brightest conditions.

Looking into the woods the Vulture barely edges the MV. In the open under completely gray overcast clouds the MV was a tad brighter. Perhaps this was partially reflected by the extra 5X of magnification. Eye placement was more critical on the MV und focus was close to hair trigger. No slop whatsoevah and w/limited range at 20X it pops into focus. Not a lot of back n forth attempting to dial 'er in.

Precious little wildlife stirring, so I though what else to test the MV? There it lay before me obliging me to partake. The mailbox roughly facing ES perhaps ESS. The sun isn't high, but the constant cloud cover maintains blinders.

A medium Domino pizza box is handy as I save them for target shooting. On the three sided lip of the top, that secures closure, are various size red or blue advertisements. I cut off a section then cut it in half placing them at the back of the mailbox. I have to read them vertically bottom to top.

I managed to read, HOW GRATE IS THAT? along w/earn REWARDS POINTS except I thought the smaller 'earn' w/finger pointing at the end was 'save'. So much for trying to read into the opening.

The solid red block letters were 7/16" high, almost solid blue 'REWARDS' just shy of 5/16" high leaving solid 'points' at a hair over 1/4" high. I then placed them right side up fairing no better though was easier to read left to right .

I was 31 yds from the back of the mailbox. I had to walk to three yards to read unassisted. Not scientific by any means, but sheds a bit on the new bin.

There was more movement at 20X compared to 15X though still I managed to glean more detail. I don't shake I undulate. Not as clear as IS or tripod mounted, they're 24FPS as a vague movie reference, but I practice a bit on me method.

I can't see hand held at 24FPS, so I try to see as a slow freeze frame strobe. Nothing as tripod mounted, yet I see glimpses frozen if that makes any sense.

The price was right on the demo. Sure, it would have been real nice if the objectives were bumped up to 64mm. The price would've enlarged as well. Rather than dwell on the negatives I prefer to accentuate the positives relying on experience to adapt to the platform.

As always YMMV ...

ETA: Inside under light I could read 'POINTS' unaided at 11'. This morn I repeat at 31/32/33 yds. It took quite a while at 33yds. That's me limit arms/shoulders were sore as I strained them eyes/mind. I tried the Vulture HD 15x56 only being able to read the considerably larger red 'HGIT?' also to 33 yds. The smaller colour blue didn't show as well. Despite larger e.p. the Vulture yields to the MV in brightness hand held.

The rural mailbox is dark inside especially at the back and I was curious how much I could render under the dim ambient conditions hand held. The extra 5X certainly helped in that aspect though the depth of field obviously went to the Vulture. After holding the 20X for a while the 15X seemed much smoother.

Turned yesterday to mostly cloudy, yet I only spotted one faint contrail bearing SW that disappeared into the clouds. I managed to pull the jet out of the clouds though even at 20X it was tiny. I couldn't keep it centered by any means and only had a few seconds before being lost in the trees. However, I stayed within 1/4 or 1/3 of center view.
Celestron M2 f/5.4 100mm ED-Manfrotto 516 fluid head w/140mm sliding plate

SLV 50* 4mm-- HD-60* 4.5mm-- UWA 82* 5.5mm-- SLV 6mm-- Luminos 82* 7mm-- MWA 100* 10mm-- Luminos 15mm--TV Nagler 50* 3mm/180X - 6mm/90X Zoom

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Old Tuesday 24th October 2017, 23:16   #7
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On the down side O.P. sold me a demo, yet delivered a refurb. Warranty is 90 days. I wrote a nice little review that OP hasn't approved or posted. Wonder why? They still sent the 7% off code though.

TITLE: Nikon M5 20x56 binocular is very fine, but deceitful practice by Optics Planet is phony baloney!

BODY: Seemed as a very good price for a Nixon M5 20x56 advertised as a demo plus a $100 O.P. gift certificate. Here's the e-mail description asking for me for review:

Demo Nikon Monarch 5 20x56 Binocular 7583-DEMO
Code: NI-BI-7583A-DEMO
Purchase Date: 08/24/2017 [You'll note they say nothing about refurb even after the fact and my previous complaint to customer service.]

The deal is it is not a demo. It's a refurb. A demo has full warranty wherein the refurb is 90 days. When I contacted Optics Planet they sang a lame tune. "We don't know, sometimes demo, sometimes refurb, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada." Optics Planet played me for a chump and they'll do the same to you. Caveat emptor.

Aside from Optics Planet sleight of hand/bait & switch demo to refurb I enjoy the Nikon M5 20x56. Hand held is tough though the 43.6 oz helps steady unwanted movement. Most would prefer the M5 16x56. Easier to hold steady, 100 bucks cheaper & exit pupil of 3.5mm. The 2.8mm EP is OK in bright light though leaves little wiggle room for eye placement. If you want the extra 4X that is part of the compromise.

In all fairness the refurb price combined w/$100 gift certificate could not be beat. Though I did not appreciate Optics Planet customer service being so cavalier about the misrepresentation as if a full demo warranty and a 90 day refurb was six of one/half a dozen of the other. Sure, I could've sent it back for refund less the $100 certificate or returned that item as well. Still leaves a bad taste in me mouth. However, that is no fault of the fine Nixon M5 20x56.

Nikon 20x56 M5 $900[899.99]-40%/360=540, so I received 40% + $100 gift card
Demo Nikon Monarch 5 20x56 Binocular 7583-DEMO
NI-BI-7583A-DEMO 1 $599.99 [regular 899.99 in roundabout way they dropped 10% off demo price + added 100 clam certificate] $100 Gift Certificate
OP-ZZ-Gift-Cert-100 1 $100.00

Sub-Total: $640.12
Sales Tax: $0.00
Shipping: $0.00
Grand Total: $540.12
Balance Due: $540.12

I'm over it & enjoy handheld view. If I had me druthers it would be an 18X60 or 63. Howevah, I'm quite pleased as is, just a mite tough on eye placement. Through practice I've smoothed the wobble considerably. That being said I think dropping 2x would help all the way around were one available.

People always talking about lower power bins & the 3-D effect. Great depth of field, etc. Since I view the skies high I've found an interesting feature. Focus on clouds or planes, that can still be seen w/unaided eyes, leaves 1/8 CCW to focus at roughly 25-30'.

Whilst scanning for birds unable to see w/naked eye I 'discover' interesting targets. Today I caught a target in flight moving rather quickly. Too low & out of focus to ID though I maintained it within centerview panning its pace. W/middle right finger I make the 1/8 turn.

Pow! It pops into focus and for a brief moment I caught me prey before disapearing into the water oak. Glistening in the bright sun a Polistes carolina on wing. Even focused on the clouds I could pick up enough to know it was something flying. Of course I was previously fooled by a rolling leaf on the wind until I refocused. When watching/searching for swallows feeding high I pick up a dragonfly or two.

Anywho, there's no way Nikon will squeeze an 18x56 'twixt 16/20x56, so I suppose I'll deal w/20X. I have to check to make sure the cups are in the third out position, but the hinge is snug once I locate me I.P. I already have the Vortex Vulcan at 15X56, so the M5 16x56, though a better bin, wouldn't be a far enough spread.

I feel most would prefer the 16x56 for brighter/more EP/less magnified movement over the 20X56.
Celestron M2 f/5.4 100mm ED-Manfrotto 516 fluid head w/140mm sliding plate

SLV 50* 4mm-- HD-60* 4.5mm-- UWA 82* 5.5mm-- SLV 6mm-- Luminos 82* 7mm-- MWA 100* 10mm-- Luminos 15mm--TV Nagler 50* 3mm/180X - 6mm/90X Zoom
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