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  1. Winding Cisticola 10-1-2.jpg

    Winding Cisticola 10-1-2.jpg

  2. Northern Grey Headed Sparrow 5-1.jpg

    Northern Grey Headed Sparrow 5-1.jpg

  3. Laughing Dove 10-1.jpg

    Laughing Dove 10-1.jpg

  4. African Thrush 7-1.jpg

    African Thrush 7-1.jpg

  5. Yellow Billed Shrike 2-1.jpg

    Yellow Billed Shrike 2-1.jpg

  6. Dog Fight

    Dog Fight

    Quite a battle going on in the skies above.
  7. Red Eyed Dove 4-1.jpg

    Red Eyed Dove 4-1.jpg

  8. Long Tailed Cormorant 3-1.jpg

    Long Tailed Cormorant 3-1.jpg

    Heavy crop as he was some distance away.
  9. African Hobby 6-1.jpg

    African Hobby 6-1.jpg

  10. Shikra


  11. Common Bulbul

    Common Bulbul

  12. Eurasian Kestrel

    Eurasian Kestrel

  13. Bronze Tailed Starling

    Bronze Tailed Starling

  14. Western Plantain Eater

    Western Plantain Eater

    Thank you all for your kind comments.
  15. Northern Red Bishop

    Northern Red Bishop

  16. Spotted Flycatcher

    Spotted Flycatcher

    Arrives from Europe every year and sits on my garden wall for a couple of days, great to see.
  17. Red-Eyed Dove

    Red-Eyed Dove

  18. Village Weaver

    Village Weaver

  19. Grosbeak Weaver Juvenile

    Grosbeak Weaver Juvenile

  20. Black Crake

    Black Crake