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  1. C

    Passerine (Bas-Uele Province, DRC) (Feb. 2021)

    Observed in Bamokandi, Bas-Uele, DRC (at the confluence of the Bamokandi & Uele Rivers).
  2. C

    Thrush (Immature) Mukono, Uganda (May 9, 2021)

    At least, I think it's a Thrush. (Turdus?)
  3. C

    Hello from Chichester NH!

    I'm a long time appreciator of birds, but have not been actively birding here for some time. I love travel, and always get excited about the native birds when I do. Last few years I've been to Southern/East Africa most frequently, having a wonderful time seeing the unusual birds in those areas...
  4. Northern Red-billed Hornbill

    Northern Red-billed Hornbill

    Northern Red-billed Hornbill on branch
  5. Slender-billed weaver

    Slender-billed weaver

    A fairly common weaver that's found all around Lake Victoria, Burundi and Rwanda.
  6. Dodson's Bulbul

    Dodson's Bulbul

    A smaller sub-species of the Common bulbul. Easily identified by the white feathers covering it's ears.
  7. Knob-billed Duck

    Knob-billed Duck

    These distinct ducks are quite common across much of Sub-saharan Africa and Southern Asia.
  8. African Bare-eyed Thrush

    African Bare-eyed Thrush

    These beautiful song birds are commonly found in Acacia scrub and coastal bush in much of Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia.
  9. Buff-crested Bustard

    Buff-crested Bustard

    Buff-crested Bustard trotting across the road. These small bustards are commonly found across much of the semi-arid and arid areas of East Africa.
  10. African Mourning Dove

    African Mourning Dove

    These doves are often confused with ring necked doves, but are easily distinguished by looking at their beautiful pink and yellow eyes.
  11. Cape Sparrow Male

    Cape Sparrow Male

    Male Cape Sparrow, black and white head, striking specimen. A regular visitor to the bird feeder. Noticeable caricature is that the male always eats first, when the female eats the male will chase other birds away until she is finished. occasionally will drink the rooibos tea.
  12. Whinchat


    A common Palearctic migrant that is found across much of Africa, in areas that receive good rainfall or that aren't too arid.
  13. Northern Pied Babbler

    Northern Pied Babbler

    An East African endemic, commonly found in highland grasslands and acacia woodlands.
  14. Grey Wren-warbler

    Grey Wren-warbler

    A common savannah bird mainly found in Acacia scrub. They are one of those birds that are easier to hear than see.
  15. Green-throated Sunbird

    Green-throated Sunbird

    Showing off it's iridescent green feathers while making a territorial display.
  16. Fawn-coloured Lark

    Fawn-coloured Lark

    This dry country lark is perfectly camouflaged by the dry grasses of semi-arid areas.
  17. Blue-capped Cordon-bleu

    Blue-capped Cordon-bleu

    These cute birds are often found in hot and dry savannah grasslands in much of East Africa.
  18. Black-capped Social Weaver

    Black-capped Social Weaver

    These social little birds live in large family groups and are endemic to East Africa. Mostly found in Semi-arid Savannah grasslands.
  19. Kori Bustard

    Kori Bustard

    Man, saying this guy's name out loud almost sounds like a cuss :D This large bird is one of the heaviest flying birds in the world, and they are commonly seen in much of the dry grasslands in East Africa.
  20. Gambaga Flycatcher

    Gambaga Flycatcher

    This small brown flycatcher is very difficult to find in Kenya. And I had to twitch this bird after a recent confirmed sighting.
  21. Kikuyu White-eye

    Kikuyu White-eye

    They are commonly found in highland forests and gardens.
  22. Chestnut-headed Sparrow-lark

    Chestnut-headed Sparrow-lark

    They are found in Eastern and North-eastern Africa, mainly in dry shrubland, dry lowland grasslands and hot deserts.
  23. Red-winged Lark

    Red-winged Lark

    One of the largest larks around here. They are found in lowland Semi-arid grasslands in much of East Africa.
  24. Shelley's Francolin

    Shelley's Francolin

    They are beautiful grassland birds, mostly shy and not easily seen until they come out into the open.
  25. African Marsh Harrier

    African Marsh Harrier

    This amazing raptor is found in much of Eastern Africa's wetlands, marshes and swamps. But now because of habitat loss, they are threatened and decreasing in population.