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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.


  1. Striated Antbird

    Striated Antbird

    A skulking little bamboo specialist, easily heard but significantly harder to see, it only showed itself for a couple seconds before vanishing in the bamboo again.
  2. White-lined antbird (male)

    White-lined antbird (male)

    A lovely antbird found in bamboo thickets in southeastern Peru, I finally encountered this very responsive male who posed very nicely for me!
  3. Blue-lored Antbird

    Blue-lored Antbird

    A lovely antbird found in northern Colombia and western Venezuela, I was quite lucky to see several individuals during the time I spent at Laguna El Tabacal
  4. Ash-breasted Antbird

    Ash-breasted Antbird

    A lovely specialist of Amazonian river islands, quite similar to the much more widespread Black-faced Antbird. We had the good luck of finding an entire family right by a path!
  5. Bare-crowned Antbird painting

    Bare-crowned Antbird painting

    Bare-crowned Antbird, I’m usually painting the endemics of Central America but on a whim will work on other random species. I call this lot the outlier paintings set. They are chosen spontaneously and without any real logic behind those choices. The female is the bright russet bird in the...
  6. Ocellated Antbird painting

    Ocellated Antbird painting

    A recent Procreate painting of a pair of Ocellated Antbirds in the understory.
  7. Gray antbird

    Gray antbird

    While the other Peruvian Cercomacra species are understorey skulkers, this one is a canopy bird! It's easily located thanks to its loud song, but it can be hard to actually see as it prefers to stay within vine tangles.
  8. Black Antbird

    Black Antbird

    My third Peruvian Cercomacroides! A common and vocal antbird in the lowlands of Peru, this is a male.
  9. Blackish Antbird

    Blackish Antbird

    A common and vocal antbird in lower montane forests of central Peru. Almost always in pairs, their pretty duets are the best way to locate them.
  10. Riparian Antbird

    Riparian Antbird

    A locally common but very skulking antbird of the Amazonian lowlands, I was very pleased to finally get a decent photo of the male.
  11. Hairy-crested Antbird

    Hairy-crested Antbird

    Parque Nacional Yanachaga-Chemilln, Sector Paujil
  12. Black-faced Antbird

    Black-faced Antbird

    Black-faced Antbird (Myrmoborus myotherinus subsp. myotherinus) Male, species sexually dimorphic.
  13. Goeld's Antbird (female)

    Goeld's Antbird (female)

    Goeldis Antbird (Akletos goeldii) Female, species is sexually dimorphic.
  14. Goeld's Antbird (male)

    Goeld's Antbird (male)

    Goeldis Antbird (Akletos goeldii) Male, species is sexually dimorphic.
  15. Yellow-breasted Warbling Antbird

    Yellow-breasted Warbling Antbird

    Yellow-breasted Warbling Antbird (Hypocnemis subflava subsp. subflava) Male, species sexually dimorphic.
  16. Dusky-tailed Antbird (male)

    Dusky-tailed Antbird (male)

    Dusky-tailed Antbird - Drymophila malura (male)
  17. White - bellied Antbird (male)

    White - bellied Antbird (male)

  18. Mato Grosso Antbird (male)

    Mato Grosso Antbird (male)

    Mato Grosso Antbird (male) - Cercomacra melanaria
  19. Spotted Antbird

    Spotted Antbird

  20. Dot-winged Antwren ,Female,

    Dot-winged Antwren ,Female,

  21. Jet Antbird (male)

    Jet Antbird (male)

    Jet Antbird (Cercomacra nigricans nigricans) Two subspecies are recognized including the nominate with only the nominate being mapped for Panama. Sexes slightly sexually dimorphic. Females with streaking on throat and chest. Photographed just north of El Valle de Antn, Cocl Province, Panama...
  22. Chestnut-backed Antbird (male)

    Chestnut-backed Antbird (male)

    Chestnut-backed Antbird (Myrmeciza exsul exsul) Five subspecies are recognized with four being mapped for Panama. However, only the nominate is mapped for this region of Panama. Species sexually dimorphic. Female similar but chest and belly are rusty, not black. Photographed north of El Valle...
  23. White-bellied Antbird (male)

    White-bellied Antbird (male)

    White-bellied Antbird (Myrmeciza longipes panamensis) Four subspecies are recognized with only subspecies panamensis being mapped for Panama. This is ones typical three second view! Photographed this little skulker in El Valle de Antn, Cocl Province, Panama. Ro Guayabo riparian, secondary...
  24. Dull-mantled Antbird (male)

    Dull-mantled Antbird (male)

    Dull-mantled Antbird (Myrmeciza laemosticta) Species slightly sexually dimorphic. Females throat is black and white checkered. This mega skulker was photographed in Altos del Maria north of El Valle de Antn, Cocl Province, Panama. Low montane cloud forest at ca. 1,100 m (3.609 ft) elevation...
  25. chestnut-backed Antbird

    chestnut-backed Antbird

    Well, I'm not quite sure if it is really a chestnut-backed, but the impression of an human eye hushing through the dark bushes near the ground was simply stunning.