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aphelocoma californica

  1. California Scrub-Jay

    California Scrub-Jay

    The California Scrub-Jay inhabits the west coast, spanning from Washington to the Baja Peninsula. Unlike its more aesthetically striking Blue Jay cousin, the Scrub-Jay's appearance might not be considered as handsome. Even its name, "Scrub-Jay," carries a somewhat unflattering connotation...
  2. California Scrub Jay

    California Scrub Jay

    This is my first time trying a post editing trick. The face was totally in shadow, so I masked it off and increased the exposure by 2 stops. I think it looks natural enough.
  3. Western Scrub Jay gliding

    Western Scrub Jay gliding

    Just one image alone might be boring, so here are three. These were all shot using the clip-o-matic unity sight for BIF photography. Learn more about it in this thread: https://www.birdforum.net/gallery/california-scrub-jay-in-a-glide.703468/
  4. California Scrub Jay in a glide

    California Scrub Jay in a glide

    I went to my favorite spot, where there are scrub jays, mockingbirds, house finches, lesser goldfinch, and song sparrows, to attempt a BIF image. Most were out of focus, but I got this somewhat sharp image. I made an optical sight out of paper clips. So far it has helped me get more small birds...
  5. Juvenile California Scrub Jay

    Juvenile California Scrub Jay

    I had seen scrub jays along this trail for the past few days; this one finally let me get close enough for a photo. While researching this photo, I learned that juveniles have a gray head. I crouched down to get a blurred background (instead of photographing the bird against the ground). Cropped...
  6. California Scrub-Jay

    California Scrub-Jay

    The vibrant blue color on these birds is actually light refracting through microstructures in the feather barbs rather than pigment. When backlit these feathers appear plain gray. Formerly known as Western Scrub-Jay, these familiar brightly colored coastal Scrub-Jays were recognized as a...
  7. california scrub jay

    california scrub jay

    I guess that's why they call it Windy Hill
  8. california scrub jay

    california scrub jay

  9. Acorn bird

    Acorn bird

    One of several species that seems to love acorns in the area.
  10. Western Scrub-jay

    Western Scrub-jay

  11. Scrub jay posing

    Scrub jay posing

    And finally, as we approached the car in the parking lot, we saw this scrub jay posing patiently in a spotlight of sunshine just a few feet from the car. Husband waited patiently while I took a few shots. I may post another elephant seal later, but otherwise I think that's it from Ao Nuevo.
  12. A bird in the bush

    A bird in the bush

    I was really proud of the focus I got on this bird in the bush. And too, I like blue jays |=)|
  13. Scrub jay takes a drink

    Scrub jay takes a drink

    I wish I'd been able to work my way around for a better angle on this bird and see the actual drinking action, or just get closer for better detail. Technically, this picture is disappointing, but it was a kick to observe this behaviour.
  14. scrub jay with wild cherry

    scrub jay with wild cherry

    Two native Californians: a scrub jay and a wild cherry. Tricky focus and light were a bit beyond my skill level, but I managed to salvage this one with some software adjustments. At least the cherry is sharp ;) Posting in reverse, this is the first (and most imperfect) of today's shots from my...
  15. Western Scrub-Jay

    Western Scrub-Jay

    I spend time placing perches in the yard so as to take advantage of where the best light will be at certain times of the day: line of sight for the best back-grounds: access for the birds. In general for a better photograph. While on an outing to get an image of a target bird (canyon wren, to be...
  16. Western scrub jay

    Western scrub jay

    This bird has great bearing.