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  1. Isn't it nice....

    Isn't it nice....

    .... when a Great Spotted Woodpecker gives you such a clear view of the nape so you can definitely ID it. So many of my pictures I end up searching through, blowing them up, getting the magnifying glass out, just to check whether I can see the teeniest weeniest bit of red!!! One of the pair...
  2. A woodie treat

    A woodie treat

    It's not often I get two Great Spotted Woodpeckers in the picture, I think the female is a bit of a bully and he disappears as soon as he thinks she's around. If he doesn't get the message straight off she's at him and there's a bit of a chase round the trees!! They were a bit more comfortable...
  3. My tree

    My tree

    I spotted this picture on a scroll through some images last night and it so reminded me of the Sycamore Gap Tree beside Hadrian's Wall, which was vandalised by being completely chopped down one night in September. Such a shame for this iconic place. The National Trust are trying to decide what...
  4. Newly independent

    Newly independent

    Up at the Mause feeders in the middle of August, I found this juvenile European Robin. Doesn't seem too far off from showing his more adult plumage, does he. What a cutie he is.
  5. A nice reminder..

    A nice reminder..

    On the fence behind the car, so rather difficult to get at, was a sweet wee juvenile Northern Wheatear, still with a bit of a fluffy look. I thought I'd post this as a rather nice reminder of warmer summer days, which seem to be so far behind us and such a long way off into the future! It's 10...
  6. First for a while

    First for a while

    We got to the lochan on my patch and I found a couple of Tufted Duck enjoying themselves. It's a long time since I'd seen them there. They first bred there on my patch back in 2006. But after a few years they just seemed to stop coming.
  7. Nice deodorant this one

    Nice deodorant this one

    Wandering the country roads above Blairgowrie, I wondered what the blob was on top of a dead tree. Turned out to be a Common Starling, a juvenile changing into his winter spots. Saturday Fun
  8. Balancing


    Off up to my Patch again. Didn't see much but had quite a bit sitting on wires as we approached. First was a Meadow Pipit, giving a rather nice pose. Sorry, I just completely forgot that yesterday was Saturday!
  9. Like dipping for apples

    Like dipping for apples

    This Wood Pigeon decided he'd stand on the feeder tray in order to reach the hanging seed feeder... plenty in the tray of course LOL. However, as he touched the feeder it swung away from him, much to his consternation!!
  10. "Now that looks too big for you"

    "Now that looks too big for you"

    A young, but growing up fast, Robin has picked up a little suet nugget, but it looks rather large for his mouth. He did drop it a couple of shots later and looked as if he really wasn't sure about it LOL. The first picture I've taken of a young one for what seems like a very long time...
  11. Not very tuneful

    Not very tuneful

    On our way Up the Hill there were some young Barn Swallows on the overhead wires, which we stopped to photograph. In the past I'd have struggled to get them all in as there were so many. So jam-packed in it was impossible to count them. This time the struggle was because they're so spaced out...
  12. Why on earth did I

    Why on earth did I

    Take a picture of some sheep dung? Took me ages to realise I'd actually managed to get a bird in the shot. This was taken up on my Patch last month. Can you spot it and name it for a bonus point? Saturday Fun
  13. Escaped


    Back in August, a cousin and her husband visited Scotland and we arranged to meet up at Loch Leven RSPB reserve, as it was about half-way between us. It was good to catch up with them after many years. This reserve used to be called Vane Farm. We had lunch there then a wander round the reserve...
  14. Stealth Attack

    Stealth Attack

    Very occasionally I get a visit from a Sparrowhawk. This one landed on the clematis and honeysuckle covered fence which I can see from my 'other' window (not the feeder one). He crept along it before suddenly taking flight and was off!! TTTW SF
  15. Słowiński NP

    Słowiński NP

    Inland view from the top of a dune. Taken before I was into birding; I have quite a few photos of plants, though, the highlight being probably the bog-myrtle, which is rare and protected in Poland (not hard to spot as there was an information plate next to it).
  16. Surveying


    Birds have found a new perch in my garden on top of the feeder pole, quite a few have taken advantage of it now, with this Wood Pigeon being the latest. Shows up well against the beech leaves, doesn't he. TTTW
  17. Dining


    Caught this wee Blue Tit on top of my feeder pole showing so clearly how they hold a seed between their toes to eat. TTTW
  18. Early evening

    Early evening

    Blairgowrie's setting sun. The view from my flat looking at the tree-covered hill at the back of the town.
  19. Window shopping

    Window shopping

    Five juvenile Blue Tits, can't remember for sure, but think this may be a bit of a record for my window feeders. This lot making use of all but the coconut shell, though that is popular usually as well. Within a week of this they'd all disappeared, probably out into the countryside. Middle end...
  20. Four's a Rabble

    Four's a Rabble

    I'm not sure that another sparrow could have got onto that feeder. I went through a phase of having to refill the fat balls a couple of times a day, between the sparrows and starlings they could eat them all in a couple of hours. A few days after this picture, the birds had all gone, not to be...
  21. Hungry horde

    Hungry horde

    During August and early September most of the birds desert my garden but every now and then a whole load of Starlings descend. Here's just a portion of them, think there were about 3 times as many as I've got here. Right little piggies for my SF picture. TTTW
  22. I'm not a duck

    I'm not a duck

    The morning started wet.... and got wetter. This pigeon wished he was a duck I think as he looks most disgruntled. TTTW
  23. Just a bluey

    Just a bluey

    The tit feste went one and a Blue Tit came in, settling on a branch before deciding which feeder to head for.
  24. Everybody's sweetheart

    Everybody's sweetheart

    ... aren't they? August found us back at the new feeding station and the feeders were back up! Unfortunately these don't visit my garden (yet); it'd taken a few visits before they showed themselves to me though.
  25. Evil look

    Evil look

    This Wood Pigeon had just landed on the water for a drink when he took off and flew directly towards us in the hide. His wing 'headlights' remind me of the machine guns on a plane's wing. Never seen a pigeon go into the middle of the water for a drink, only wading at the edge?