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  1. I've shown you how.... now go and find your own food!

    I've shown you how.... now go and find your own food!

    We were treated to a rather close view of an adult Australasian Swamphen with a hungry youngster!
  2. Foraging


    On the other side of the jetty, were a couple of Pacific Black Ducks trying to see what they could find. Couldn't help wondering if they wouldn't have been better in the sea, though a long way from the Pacific Ocean LOL
  3. Are my feet clean

    Are my feet clean

    One of my favourite characters a Willie-wagtail sitting on a jetty railing. I suppose we were now about 3/4 of the way round the lake by this time.
  4. One of a pair

    One of a pair

    What can be better than seeing another Lifer in the early morning.... getting a pair LOL. I've only got one in this picture, the other was asleep and I thought it rude to take a picture without permission. Australian Shelducks are really rather attractive, but then I think ours are too.
  5. Fancy Pants

    Fancy Pants

    It looks like this Grey Teal is showing off some rather pretty knickers, doesn't it. I'm rather fond of this picture for some reason.
  6. Wattling


    I picked this image as it really allows us to see the wattle, after which the Red Wattlebird is named of course. The first time I'd seen any species of honeyeater on the ground I think.
  7. Closer


    I think this was the closest I ever got to a Pink-eared Duck. Rather attractive, aren't they. Even showing off that pink ear too LOL Yippee... the out of stock pills are coming back in tomorrow, so I should be back to normal in a few days!! Whatever "normal" is of course! LOL
  8. In the green

    In the green

    It never ceases to amaze me how many different 'greens' there are LOL. This is the Australasian Grebe, which is a little smaller than our Little Grebe.
  9. Visitor


    Laughing Kookaburras aren't native to Western Australia, a fact I wasn't aware of before my trip. As well as WA, they were introduced to Tasmania and New Zealand! Think this was the only one that I saw in WA, though he certainly isn't shy and retiring, is he LOL.
  10. Not talking?

    Not talking?

    A bit distant these, but such lovely light and a beautiful blue sky beyond, set these two lorikeets off. Did I tell you how hot it was getting? Forecast to get up to the high 30's that day.
  11. Destroying or excavating?

    Destroying or excavating?

    I thought the Galahs were just doing their thing (destroying the top of the dead tree). Now I guess they're actually excavating a nest hole (though quite prepared to be corrected on that). This was another dead tree in the middle of the lake.
  12. Family time

    Family time

    Then we came to a little stilt family. It was nice to see them altogether like that. So I guess we have, one Pied Stilt, one Australian Stilt and one White-headed Stilt, LOL, not bad!!!
  13. Dead wood

    Dead wood

    A Straw-necked Ibis was sitting on top of one of the dead trees in the middle of the lake. That was nice, as I didn't get to see too many of these as they're not nearly so common as the others (at least not in the parts I visited).
  14. Busy place

    Busy place

    Making his way towards the Pink-eared Duck was a Red-kneed Dotterel, quietly passing a foraging Grey Teal. There was plenty going on that morning! I was pleased to see the dotterel though, as I don't think I'd seen one for ages!
  15. A sleepy pair

    A sleepy pair

    Moving on a yard or two was a Grey Teal dozing away with a Pink-eared Duck, who wasn't displaying a pink ear!
  16. Confusion


    I get so confused between Australian and Australasian species LOL. This is an Australasian Swamphen, not as I have shown on the picture "Australian". I couldn't work out why I couldn't find many pictures in my Gallery LOL. A species that really doesn't seem to mind people wandering about round...
  17. Where is he?

    Where is he?

    It looks like this Australian Ibis is watching for her mate LOL Not quite so colourful as Peter's ibis today, from the opposite side of the world!
  18. An early first

    An early first

    How pretty Nankeen Night Heron's are. My very first sighting of one and, in fact, my first sighting of any night heron. So, just a few birds in, and I've already got a Lifer for the day! I got a few pictures of him, but not many of them showed the plumes on his back which they produce when in...
  19. Pole Corellas

    Pole Corellas

    These two Little Corellas were on a dead stump out in the middle of the lake. They seemed rather intent on either chewing at the wood or having found some food, were stuffing themselves. Rather pretty birds are corellas I think.
  20. Banded


    Nearby foraging in the mud was a rather smart looking Buff-banded Rail. I'd been so fortunate to have seen quite a few of these, far less shy than rails in the UK LOL
  21. Reflective


    Another rather confused species for the Pied Stilt is also known as Australian Stilt and White-headed Stilt, LOL We'd had a long day driving up from Albany, eventually reaching Perth. But had difficulty opening the door to the house we'd rented. I eventually got it, when we'd relaxed and gone...
  22. Rather Fitting I Guess

    Rather Fitting I Guess

    That the very last picture I show you from Little Grove, should be a Western Rosella, one of the endemic Western Australian species. I was really quite taken by the beautiful colours in his wing and tail feathers.
  23. Bird on a wire

    Bird on a wire

    With the tide well out, there weren't many birds close enough for photography, so we started making our way back home. Another young Magpie was waiting to show us the way.
  24. At last

    At last

    My first picture of Black Swans from Little Grove, as although there always seemed to be some Out There, they were far too far away to photograph. These two came over to apologise for their bad behaviour, as if they knew this was my last day in Albany.
  25. Silvery


    My last picture of the day, a pretty little Silvereye in a bush at the back of the garden. I still love them!