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australian brushturkey

  1. Not keen

    Not keen

    This Australian Brushturkey couldn't have been less interested in clementines, as he walked straight past it. This picture shows their tail shape very well I think.
  2. All dressed and ready

    All dressed and ready

    This Australian Brushturkey was in his full breeding dress, so all he needs now is some lady friends. I found him wandering around the camp site; they don't seem to care about the presence of people at all.
  3. Unique tail

    Unique tail

    I think this is the only species that has the tail flattened vertically, whereas other birds have a horizontal tail! Australian Brushturkeys aren't the prettiest of species, but interesting all the same.
  4. Thirsty


    In the middle of the rainforest was a B&B and cafe called Rosellas. They'd flowering shrubs and feeders all over the place, including this water bath close to the road. An Australian Brushturkey was having a drink there.
  5. Are you coming?

    Are you coming?

    This Brushturkey came so close to the hide I was in that I had to zoom right out after being fully zoomed in to take the small birds at the water hole LOL. Of course the zoom operation is on a different button to the old camera, so in my haste initially .... well.... got it right in the end!!
  6. Not in breeding mode yet

    Not in breeding mode yet

    When they are in breeding plumage, the yellow neck wattle fills out. One unusual feature of these birds is that their tail is flattened vertially, quite unlike most other birds, where they sit horizontally. I wonder why this is?
  7. Levitating SF

    Levitating SF

    There was a lot of movement in the trees on the opposite side of the path, it looked big, so I took a picture and discovered it was a brushturkey moving through the canopy. Here it would seem he's actually levitating LOL.
  8. I really wouldn't have expected....

    I really wouldn't have expected....

    .... to see one of these on the walkway to the information centre/cafe LOL. But there he was strutting his stuff oblivious of all the people around him.
  9. I don't like Clementines

    I don't like Clementines

    Well he made that plain, didn't he.... walked straight past that segment! Or when I say 'walked'... perhaps I should have said 'strutted' LOL
  10. Pretty necklace

    Pretty necklace

    ... well it is if you like yellow ones LOL. It shows he's in full breeding mode though. Back in the camp grounds I spotted this Brushturkey wandering about
  11. High water

    High water

    We arrived at what appeared to be an oasis for birds in the middle of the rainforest.... loads of them. This was at Rosellas B&B and tearoom. Difficult to know where to look at times. So I'll start with this Australian Brushturkey who had landed on the top of a water dish. I don't think...
  12. Strutting


    Then an Australian Brushturkey came wandering through to see if there was anything to interest him. A little close for comfort really, but I managed to get him all in the frame LOL He's not quite in full breeding plumage yet.
  13. Doing what they do...

    Doing what they do...

    .... but it still takes me by surprise. We'd got away from the lake now and were round the back of it. A Brushturkey flew up into the trees then started to walk through the branches. I know they do this, but it just looks weird to me somehow LOL
  14. Colourful


    They're really rather splendid out in the sun, aren't they. .... well in an ugly sort of way. He's not yet in breeding plumage, where the yellow throat band develops into a wattle.
  15. In the shade

    In the shade

    ... but another not bothered by the presence of people He was wandering around visitor's feet then up some steps. Actually I've never noticed birds here spending any time in the shade, guess they really want to keep warm LOL Another Life bird for me.
  16. Australian Brushturkey

    Australian Brushturkey

    Big male with yellow wattles fully developed
  17. Pay for a pose?

    Pay for a pose?

    Next the Brushturkey thought maybe we'd be more generous than that picnicker. We were taking all those pics of him, after all, so how about paying for all that posing, eh? But no. We didn't have any bird food along.
  18. SF2 Go away!

    SF2 Go away!

    ... but the picnicker wasn't about to share his food, so repeatedly chased the turkey off.
  19. SF1 May I join you?

    SF1 May I join you?

    Australian Brushturkey stalking the picnic table where somebody was setting up for a picnic... This was the next day, with my backup camera in hand. I'd met a fellow woman birder when we were both photographing the baby owl. She said to get in touch when I got back from the North End and she'd...
  20. Australian Brushturkey

    Australian Brushturkey

    Australian Brushturkey male. While this is a pretty common bird, it does have a very interesting life cycle. The dominant male in a group will build a large nest mound out of dirt, leaves, and other organic matter. The hens will mate with him and lay their eggs in the mound and then they are...
  21. Australian Brush-turkey

    Australian Brush-turkey

    Brush Turkey in the grounds on O'Reilly's.