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  1. Snowy Owl

    Snowy Owl

    Golden hour time with a snowy owl.
  2. Phantom of the North

    Phantom of the North

    Great gray owl surveys its natural surroundings.
  3. Snow White

    Snow White

    Almost completely white but not quite on this Snowy Owl. Dark day but the sun just barely popped out on this giving a little light to the left side of the snowy.
  4. Autumn is for the Owls

    Autumn is for the Owls

    Went out hoping to photograph an owl before all the leaves have fallen. Switched my days off at work and it worked perfectly after coming upon this owl near my home in southern Ontario.
  5. Atlantic Puffin

    Atlantic Puffin

    Got about 3 hours of sunlight on my recent trip to Elliston, Newfoundland Canada. Strong winds with shot taken across an elevated gourge in the Atlantic ocean.
  6. Poetry In Motion

    Poetry In Motion

    Snowy owl flyby on Wolfe Island in southern Ontario, Canada. Bird was a long ways out but my trusty Nikon D50 with the original ver of the 80-400VR did a decent job.
  7. Phantom of the North

    Phantom of the North

    Great Gray Owl approaching movement under the heavy snow.
  8. Juvenile robin

    Juvenile robin

  9. Pair of bullfinches!

    Pair of bullfinches!

  10. Looking for food!

    Looking for food!

    Yet another dunnock fledgling. It appears to be a good year for the dunnocks locally so far.
  11. Jay


  12. Winter barn owl

    Winter barn owl

  13. Jay


  14. Goldie in spring!

    Goldie in spring!

  15. Woody's hiding place!

    Woody's hiding place!

    A place where this female great spotted woodpecker can be found while she looks for food.
  16. I know there is something to eat here somewhere!

    I know there is something to eat here somewhere!

    Dunnock digging around in the snow to find food.
  17. At least it has stopped snowing!

    At least it has stopped snowing!

    After more than 3 hours of snow falling lots of birds appeared to come to feed in the garden.
  18. Not more snow!

    Not more snow!

    Bullfinch in the snow during a continuous snowfall for more than 3 hours this morning again.
  19. Watching!


    These reed buntings turn up near us every spring.
  20. Fluffed up with the cold!

    Fluffed up with the cold!

    This robin seemed to be looking for shelter out of the bitterly cold wind.
  21. Watching!


    Looking for food
  22. Warming Up

    Warming Up

    Barred owl is a common winter species in Ontario, Canada. Came across this one today taking advantage of the warm sun on a cold day.
  23. Waxy Apple For A WaxWing

    Waxy Apple For A WaxWing

    Waxwing enjoying an apple.
  24. Boy It's Cold Outside

    Boy It's Cold Outside

    Male Chaffinch trying to keep warm.
  25. Cedar Waxwing over water

    Cedar Waxwing over water

    One year I was fortunate enough to capture many photographs of Cedar Waxwings in a wetlands area. They were after the insects, which I was surprised to discover, since I had previously thought Cedar Waxwings were fruit eaters.