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backyard birds

  1. Purple martin

    Purple martin

    A purple martin from the wildlife preserve at Hammonasset Beach, Madison, Connecticut.
  2. M

    Moving/Will miss my birds

    I am a bird lover since I was a little girl. I have always been a backyard birder too and I would say the past seven year, since we moved to Tampa, near the river, backyard birding has become my absolute passion. After both of my basset hounds died from old age, my backyard birds really became...
  3. From Beaks to Beats: the house finch bird Dance #birds #birdsdancing #funnyanimalvideos

    From Beaks to Beats: the house finch bird Dance #birds #birdsdancing #funnyanimalvideos

    We hope you enjoyed this house finch bird dancing celebration with our finch friend. Remember, nature can be the best entertainer! Thanks for watching, and don't forget to check out my youtube channel and subscribe for more backyard birds 🙂
  4. A

    Any personal observations concerning attracting indigo buntings to backyards? What are they drawn to?

    Hello, folks! Growing up in New England, I must admit that I've seen a lot of birds in my lifetime. However, I can't say I've seen every bird common to our area. And one bird I've never seen, not even once, is the indigo bunting. And I'm still not sure why that is so. Compared to other...
  5. Male Satin Bowerbird - Plumage Transformation

    Male Satin Bowerbird - Plumage Transformation

    I was lucky enough to capture a few male Satin Bowerbirds at different stages of their plumage transformation. They were all captured in my backyard.
  6. Spotted Pardalote Bird Call

    Spotted Pardalote Bird Call

    I have heard this little Pardalote calling in my backyard for the last couple of days and finally got to film him.
  7. White bellied Cuckoo-shrike

    White bellied Cuckoo-shrike

    This beautiful bird is not a regular to my backyard, so it was a wonderful sight to see. I was also lucky enough to capture it's call. Here is the link if you would like to hear him. https://youtu.be/mrEYNXgQ-ng. I hope it is alright to post this link.
  8. Spotted Pardalote

    Spotted Pardalote

    Every year these lovely little birds come to my wood pile and collect bark for nesting.
  9. Australian Magpies

    Australian Magpies

    I think this is an adult magpie teaching its young one the art of survival or telling it, it is time to go. When you have backyard birds it's amazing what you get to see.
  10. Eastern Koel's (storm/rain birds)-Here, We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

    Eastern Koel's (storm/rain birds)-Here, We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

    I had heard these birds off in the distance for many years and finally they arrived in my backyard and I got to film both male and female together. They love the Mulberries..
  11. American robin

    American robin

    It's fledgling season, and everybody needs to (and waits to) eat.
  12. Juvenile red-tailed hawk stalking chipmunks

    Juvenile red-tailed hawk stalking chipmunks

    My chipmunk friends in the yard finally emerged from their burrows to greet spring, and I wasn't the only one who noticed. This hawk passed on his normal perch in the tree over the driveway and sat on a stump at ground level for nearly an hour watching them scurry around. He didn't get anybody...
  13. Starling in the snow

    Starling in the snow

    Connecticut's first snowfall of the year melted as fast as it fell, but I found many birds, including starlings foraging around my yard.
  14. Junco


    Snowbirds finally arrive in Connecticut!
  15. Juncos (finally) arrive in Connecticut.

    Juncos (finally) arrive in Connecticut.

    We may not have a single flake on the ground yet, but Nutmeggers know that winter's officially here when the juncos arrive. They began showing up last week to feast on the winter-blooming berry bushes in the wildlife preserve.
  16. Northern cardinal

    Northern cardinal

    One of only two visitors to my yard today, a Northern cardinal.
  17. Tufted titmouse

    Tufted titmouse

    One of only two visitors to my yard today, a tufted titmouse.
  18. Carolina wren

    Carolina wren

    A Carolina wren preening in a brush pile in my yard.
  19. A (very angry) Ruby-throated hummingbird

    A (very angry) Ruby-throated hummingbird

    What do you do when the feeder's empty? Give her the stink-eye: she has cats; so don't worry, she'll know exactly what it means.
  20. That annoying itch you just can't scratch (Ruby-throated hummingbird)

    That annoying itch you just can't scratch (Ruby-throated hummingbird)

    Don't you just hate that? Unlike many gardeners and birders, I only have a ten-day window to catch this little female Ruby-throated hummingbird. She always stops by, alone, on her way south to wherever during the first or second week of September, and then I don't see her again until the...
  21. Yellow-rumped warbler

    Yellow-rumped warbler

    We were shadowed by warblers while pumpkin picking for Halloween.
  22. Black-capped chickadee

    Black-capped chickadee

    A black-capped chickadee was leaf-peeping too on our most recent stroll through the woods.
  23. Red-bellied woodpecker

    Red-bellied woodpecker

    The neighborhood red-bellied woodpecker arrived after I had moved the feeders for yardwork - he was not a happy camper.
  24. American goldfinch

    American goldfinch

    Connecticut residents, including our feathered friends, look forward to the annual sunflower blooms. As folks from all over descend on the fields for selfies, birds like this American goldfinch come to feast on the fall seeds. This is Auger's Field in North Branford, Connecticut. Of their many...
  25. Balcony biodiversity - Barbet

    Balcony biodiversity - Barbet

    Brown-headed Barbet ... a large bird is a regular ... at the pub ... ____________ Delhi : India