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black kite

  1. black kite

    black kite

  2. Dog Fight

    Dog Fight

    Quite a battle going on in the skies above.
  3. just one more

    just one more

    and it might not be the last, sorry. hope you like it.
  4. black kite

    black kite

    it was a glorious day, hundreds of them flying over and another hundreds on the grounds or perched on trees, it seems that the 22nd was the day they arrive to that region. they usually spend the winter here in western Arabia. hope you like it.
  5. Black Kite

    Black Kite

    Captured while landing .
  6. What's he got

    What's he got

    We passed the area of the road kill and continued along the main road, when yet another raptor attracted our attention. This time a Black Kite flying across the paddocks on our left. This pose seems to show him chewing his toes, or something he's holding.
  7. black kite

    black kite

  8. Perched


    With no opportunity of seeing any birds at the dry water hole we decided to walk back along the road (well it's still a dirt track) from the camp site. After about 15 minutes Adrienne and I really began to flag in the heat. So bravely Peter set off back to the cabin to fetch the car for us...
  9. black kite

    black kite

  10. Kite


    Today has been one super day for birding, this was one of the first to visit my feeder after the grass was cut in the field. Kites, Buzzards, Kestrels and Sparrow Hawk to name a few Two cameras on the go loads of photos, more to follow.
  11. Is one of these kites a vampire?

    Is one of these kites a vampire?

    Two black kites arrived at the water-hole but there's only one reflection!
  12. Forked


    After exploring the evaporation ponds we then went to try the river from a parking area beside the bridge. We were still trying to acclimatise ourselves as to what was around when I spotted a Black Kite flying over. Quite high, but fairly pleased with the result.
  13. Another Kite

    Another Kite

    Shortly after taking the picture of the Whistler, this Black Kite flew across and landed in a tree not too far away from us.
  14. Consternation


    Suddenly all the birds rushed for a bit of cover and froze! Up in the air was a Black Kite with a Magpie-Lark mobbing him. I only managed this one picture before they got behind the roof of the garage. Quite pleased with the effort though.
  15. Black Kite

    Black Kite

  16. Black Kite 2

    Black Kite 2

  17. Black Kite with fish

    Black Kite with fish

    Probably stole the fish from nearby road vendors.
  18. Black Kite

    Black Kite

  19. Black Kite

    Black Kite

    This one was nest building and taking the tree it was perched on apart bit by bit
  20. Black Kite

    Black Kite