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  1. You have to take your chances sometimes!

    You have to take your chances sometimes!

    Gosh, seems this is the first Eurasian Wren image I've managed to add to my Gallery taken at Mause. I've heard them a lot, seen them occasionally, but they rarely come into view long enough for a picture. I'm always on the lookout for one though. I noticed a bit of movement in some scrub...
  2. The Vandals have arrived!

    The Vandals have arrived!

    The Starlings emptied their nests during the week, first I saw of young ones was on Monday! They all descend on my garden, where the adults bring them as it's obviously easy to feed them here after I've put some feed out in the morning. Now it seems that they are all feeding independently...
  3. Nuts are old hat!

    Nuts are old hat!

    This Great Spotted Woodpecker seems to prefer having fatballs on his diet today!! I think they must be nesting a bit away from the feeding station, as I've not seen either of them for a couple of weeks now. Unless, of course, they're coming when I'm not there.
  4. Maybe the last.....

    Maybe the last.....

    ..... picture of one for a bit. Don't think I've seen a Long-tailed Tit up at Mause since this one (did at the other feeders the other day). Actually thinking a bit harder, that's not quite true... had a fleeting glimpse of one, but before my hand had even reached the camera he was gone. But he...
  5. Shy


    What a thrill it was to see a Yellowhammer after such a long time; think it was way back in May last year since one had visited the Mause feeders. Didn't give much of a view though, did he LOL Saturday Fun
  6. Do you think he'll mind....

    Do you think he'll mind....

    ..... if I go and get some? At our Mause feeders, this cheeky Coal Tit, looked like he was sizing up the risk of being caught by the Chaffinch LOL. Saturday fun
  7. A sort of first

    A sort of first

    What excitement I had a couple of weeks ago, when I got up to have a look at what might be going on at my feeders. I saw a movement in the hedge and what should pop out but this Blackcap! The first I'd seen since a female paid a 1 day visit my first winter in this flat 30 years ago just about...
  8. Gate Crasher

    Gate Crasher

    It was so pleasing to have Long-tailed Tits, visiting our new Mause feeders. However, this Blue Tit thinks "they're not going to stop me getting fed, however many of them there are!!" Saturday Fun
  9. Going up

    Going up

    One of the species that really gives me a thrill to see at our feeding station. The Eurasian Treecreeper is my favourite woodland bird. Here he is, having feasted on some peanut butter and is now making his way up to a fat log, which he also enjoys.
  10. Some birds....

    Some birds....

    ..... can be tricky to identify from the back, unless you get a handy head turn. Not so with Long-tailed Tits LOL, they can't be mistaken for anything else in our trees. In addition they usually arrive mob-handed. Saturday Fun
  11. January Sunset  .jpg

    January Sunset .jpg

    I was just thinking it was possibly time to draw the curtains, when I looked up and saw this magnificent sunset through the window. Jumped up, quick change of camera settings and.... beautiful rich colours! Don't often see one quite so good as this.
  12. Peanut lover

    Peanut lover

    A handsome Great Tit filling his tummy on the peanuts at our Mause feeders. I think the tree in the background makes a rather nice colourful backdrop, Not sure which type of pine it is.
  13. Going Boss-eyed

    Going Boss-eyed

    A Great Spotted Woodpecker wondering what on earth is stuck on the end of her bill and how the heck to get rid of it! Saturday Fun
  14. Athletic


    Well what other title could I use with the World Athletics Championships coming from Glasgow LOL!!? We arrived at the feeders to find this Common Pheasant sitting on top of a gate post, perhaps it was warmer on his feet up there as the ground was rather frozen with snow on the ground.
  15. An "Ouch" Shot

    An "Ouch" Shot

    My friend had phoned me and said he was watching a load of finches, including Brambling, along near the town's water treatment plant. So off I went to meet up with him. Of course, by the time I'd got there they'd all gone, just left with a few Rooks! After a while I decided to move down the...
  16. Pensive


    Rather dull light on the afternoon of the last day of 2023. So this picture of our Robin was rather tricky.
  17. All the sixes!

    All the sixes!

    I've shown you a good dose of Long-tailed Tits at the Craighall Feeders, but the only visit we'd had at Mause was back in the spring last year. It was therefore a wonderful surprise to see six of them call in at the end of January (and still visiting today as it happens). Gorgeous wee...
  18. Posing


    We don't seem to travel too far at this time of year, so this is a Eurasian Blackbird spotted in a tree before coming down to feed. Checking out the opposition perhaps LOL
  19. Old Ivory bill

    Old Ivory bill

    A very cold setting for this Common Pheasant, but I guess he's used to it LOL. Don't know why really, but I rather like this picture, taken at our Mause feeders.
  20. S'no Fun

    S'no Fun

    We had some snow in January, which froze and hung around for a bit. An immature Herring Gull landed on my neighbour's shed roof and decided to have a bit of fun. Needless to say, I wasn't expecting this to happen, just my first garden sighting of gulls for the year and wanted a picture to...
  21. Christmas present

    Christmas present

    Christmas eve found us back at the Mause feeders. Couldn't believe my eyes when this Eurasian Magpie called in for his dinner! It had been nearly a year since we'd caught sight of one there (back in February!). What a lovely Christmas present eh! They're still such a rarity here.
  22. When you can't understand the instructions

    When you can't understand the instructions

    Back in the autumn we went for a drive in the hills between Blairgowrie and Dunkeld. We stopped at a place where we'd seen Kites in the Spring. He thought he could see something in the trees way up on the hill. I couldn't work out where he meant. I said "do you mean in the birch trees or the...
  23. It went

    It went

    Just as I clicked off went the Collared Dove (my first of the year too!). However, what I was left with was a picture of frozen moss on my neighbour's roof. It was actually the first heavy frost of the year as well! I was rather taken with it, so thought you might like to see it too.
  24. Reducing


    The December visits to the Craighall feeders had been showing fewer and fewer Long-tailed Tits at the feeders until the last few have produced none at all.... surely it's a bit early for them to have paired up and started their breeding season?
  25. New drinker

    New drinker

    Down the road at the Craighall feeders; when we have an empty coconut, we put it atop the gate post (it has a bit of a hole at the top where the wood has rotted) and put some water in it (if I've got some in the car). Otherwise it might be some seeds. It wasn't there for long when a Coal Tit...