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  1. Bathing beauty

    Bathing beauty

    Another picture of last week's Oystercatcher. He was really enjoying wading about in the water; I rather liked the ripples he made in this shot.
  2. Oystercatcher


    The second of three new birds for the river walk on Wednesday. I'd seen Oystercatchers flying noisily overhead having aerial battles which they do all over the town, but this was the first one I'd seen actually on the river. He had a lovely time in the water, so I may show you another more...
  3. Common Sandpiper

    Common Sandpiper

    Another new bird for my river walk. Two flew out from under the near bank and shouted at each other as they flew across the river. One disappeared, but this one landed in full sun on a very white rock and I had no idea what to do with the camera settings to get a picture. I tried Auto...
  4. Blue Tit

    Blue Tit

    Normally a Blue Tit will grab a bit of food from the window feeder then fly up to the top of the neighbour's tall laburnum tree. A couple of days ago I noticed that one was flying back and forth from the beech hedge, so at last I've got a picture of one in natural surroundings. Oh and for...
  5. Dunnock


    Another attempt at a Dunnock shot by leaning out of the window. I wish they'd come and pose on the fence post or something! Everyone else seems to get pictures of them like that! TMLIMHS
  6. Dunnock


    Oh well, not the best pic I've taken but it's the only one I've got of a Dunnock. I'd heard it singing, so knew there was one around. I was having to lean far out of my window at great risk to myself;) to get this, and he kept wandering in and out from under the hedge. Perhaps I should be more...
  7. House Sparrow, Male

    House Sparrow, Male

    The next day it was the turn of the boys. Through the window.
  8. House Sparrow female

    House Sparrow female

    I thought it was time to show you some of the garden birds again - I just wish these would come to the window feeder like they used to. I presume the eat some of the food that I throw out on the ground, but the angle is really too steep and awkward to try and get a picture - I've only attempted...
  9. Grey Wagtail

    Grey Wagtail

    While I was struggling to look for the Dippers yesterday, I saw a blur fly to the far bank, but it promptly disappeared. I just knew it was a Grey Wagtail, so was on high alert. Eventually I found it (or another) in the rocks below. They're fast aren't they! This is a first for my Gallery...
  10. Red-legged Partridge

    Red-legged Partridge

    AAP I'd forgotten all about this picture! I was sitting in the car and must have noticed a movement in the wing-mirror. Twisted round and managed to fire off two shots (the second one even more was hidden behind the posts!) It's interesting really, the partridge was less than 2 car lengths...
  11. Can I come in?

    Can I come in?

    AAP This pigeon landed on my window sill one warm May evening. I've called it a 'feral' pigeon, but it seemed strangely tame, so wondered if it was a lost homer. We don't really have all that many feral pigeons around here.
  12. Tee Trees

    Tee Trees

    This part of Perthshire has an extra-ordinary number of golf courses - there's three in Blairgowrie (two champtionship courses) and another three in Alyth 5 miles away. There's a right of way which runs through the Lansdown course and stupidly in all the years I've lived here I've never before...
  13. Riparian Autumn

    Riparian Autumn

    The sun does sometimes shine here! This is the footpath along the River Ericht in Blairgowrie - I thought it looked delightful that day with the leaves changing into their autumn colours.
  14. Oh da**it... the elastic's perished!

    Oh da**it... the elastic's perished!

    Now I've finished with the pictures from my holiday, I'll stop confusing you all with where I am;)... I'm back home. Through the window blackie.
  15. Goosander


    I had a walk along the river in town the other day. The river was in spate (although there's not been much rain in town (until today that is) there must have been quite a lot in the hills, I'd think). There's usually several Goosanders around but that day only the one. Maximum zoom and then...
  16. Then a Great Tit came

    Then a Great Tit came

    I only managed a couple of shots of the Coal Tit but shortly after a Great Tit appeared, now I don't think I've seen one for about a year and was beginning to think I'd hallucinated them LOL. It was so nice to see him back though and he really seemed to enjoy both the fat ball and the peanuts...
  17. Coal Tit

    Coal Tit

    I had a really busy half hour this morning, with birds attacking the feeders before I'd had time to fill them (or even wake up). Tits galore! I've not seen a Coal Tit since the picture I posted of him bathing back in April, so it was really lovely to see him back.
  18. Out on the tiles

    Out on the tiles

    I don't pretend to understand what's going on, sometimes there's no birds at all then there's loads of them. Yesterday there were two of these prancing about on the neighbour's roof. (Scotland Chris;)
  19. Daddy


    This is the adult male that was keeping an eye on the youngster from my earlier picture. I rather liked the way he was framed with the leafy twigs. This was taken on Aperture Priority, ISO 400, F8, -1.3 EV, 1/640 sec. Kim: if I went to a + EV setting, the light bouncing back of the roof of the...
  20. Sunning


    Rather a busy day yesterday, so I may have to give you all a break from my Welsh travels;) The only good day forecast for the week and so tried to make the most of it... as did the Blackbirds. This young one was seen sunning itself on the neighbour's shed roof - dad was keeping an eye close...
  21. House Sparrow

    House Sparrow

    For some reason the feeder has been really quiet for a couple of weeks now. Even the mealworms aren't being gobbled up in half an hour! Blackie still comes for the worms though and goes off with a huge beakful, then comes back for the peanut butter. I got this little lady in the hedge...
  22. Another wanderer returns

    Another wanderer returns

    I've not seen this Blackbird for quite a few weeks; but back he comes and tucks into the peanut butter as if he'd never been away.
  23. Strangers Return

    Strangers Return

    At last! A male House Sparrow, who has been investigating the feeders on and off the last few weeks, but never seemed brave enough to land, came in a few times today and went off with a meal worm. I wonder if that will tempt some of the others to come now?
  24. Chaffinch


    Well I haven't seen a Chaffinch for about a month, but this rather splendid male ran along the neighbour's shed roof this afternoon. Quite a heavy crop this one. Off to the West Coast for a few days to meet up with my sister. Catch you all later.
  25. Up the Hill view

    Up the Hill view

    It was so hot yesterday, I went up to my patch for some fresh air! I was driving along the road where the gorse is that I showed you the other week, when I saw a Magpie pop up with some other corvids. So I pulled over and walked onto the moor to see if I could get a picture of him, but there...