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  1. Taken through the window

    Taken through the window

    ... for anyone wondering what TTTW means! ;) I'd not seen any Collared Doves for a while and this was only the second I'd managed to photograph this year. Does he look a strange angle to you... well he's half-way up the steep bank to the feeders, it's not high, but almost vertical. I really...
  2. Hiding (SF)

    Hiding (SF)

    This Blue Tit was most unco-operative hiding behind the feeder. Guess I'll have to cover the mesh on that side to make them come to the front. Do you think that will work? TTTW for Saturday Fun
  3. Base of the hedge

    Base of the hedge

    Lots of birds that day but not very good images as it was dark and very wet!! I guess they were hungry after the snow had melted. TTTW
  4. My rarity

    My rarity

    .... is becoming more regular! I saw one during the Christmas holidays, which was the first for a few months, now here was one at the beginning of February. Until a few years ago I'd only seen one in the area and that was up in the Glens. To get one onto my Year List, I had to go to the...
  5. Elusive


    The Dunnock in my garden had been very hard to spot, let alone get a picture of. But he showed well for me this day thankfully. TTTW
  6. Woodie on ice

    Woodie on ice

    I'd not seen a Wood Pigeon in the garden for a while, but knew they weren't far off as I'd seen some flying over during the previous week. TTTW
  7. A Clattering

    A Clattering

    Three of the regular Jackdaws that visited during January and February. There was another one just out of shot .... and another yet to arrive! A group of Jackdaws is known as a clattering for some reason. TTTW
  8. I love these pink things

    I love these pink things

    All the birds seem to like these suet nibbles so why is it, when I go to the shop I can never remember what they're called, and end up asking for the "pink things". TTTW
  9. Off in a huff (SF)

    Off in a huff (SF)

    He's not got the message.... if I fill the feeders I think it's my right to take their picture. I think I need to give him a good talking to don't I.
  10. Fluff Ball

    Fluff Ball

    It's surprisingly difficult to get a Long-tailed Tit on it's own and perched away from feeders.... they just seem to fly in from a distance.
  11. Snow Drift

    Snow Drift

    On the left side of the path is an overhanging broom and some scrubby birch trees. The snow had drifted in underneath it; this Dunnock looks half buried!
  12. Ganetts


    Count 'em... I think there may be seven! Though at one point I'm sure I counted eight of them! Always a delight to see, aren't they.
  13. Messy table

    Messy table

    Back at the edge of town feeders. Fortunately, the parking area wasn't too bad for the snow, though a little icy in places. The Robin thought all his Christmases had come together, when he found all this food on the ground. Not sure how he's going to swallow that wee nugget though, looks like...
  14. Intercepting signals

    Intercepting signals

    I wonder what television programme is his favourite. One of the Jackdaws that have been making virtually daily visits to the dining table this last month or so. Another dull day though. TTTW
  15. Buried treasure

    Buried treasure

    The snow was soft so the nuts had fallen through. Didn't stop this Starling though... still managed to find his peanut. The day was very overcast and we had lots of snow falling on and off, so the quality of this picture has suffered, even though I tried my best with adjusting levels and stuff...
  16. Starring


    Starling, Chaffinch and Blackbird forming a socially distanced circle but it looks like they've formed a tableau for a new stage play! LOL They all seem to be happily feeding on their own food patch. Saturday fun, TTTW
  17. More snow

    More snow

    Yep... a few days later back the snow came, before the previous lot had completely gone, so we had thick ice under a thick layer of snow. Not a good combination! My first visitor that morning was this colourful Chaffinch. TTTW
  18. Winter visitor

    Winter visitor

    I'd been hearing a Fieldfare for several days around our complex, but hadn't managed to spot him. Then suddenly there he was in my neighbour's tree, right outside my window. A waif from the bad weather. Quality not great as this was a quick grab before he flew and also a TTTW shot.
  19. A bit of a thaw

    A bit of a thaw

    Although it still remained very cold, the temperature had risen a little and the sun helped to thaw some of the snow on the shed roof, exposing some of the feed that had fallen through the top layer of snow during the previous week. Blackie was surrounded by it all trying to decide what to go...
  20. Found my own food

    Found my own food

    ... so let's hope that darn Robin stays away!! I'd also put some feed on the ground on the other side of the road. There's often a Dunnock hiding in the bushes there. Incidentally, this picture started off very dark, but with the aid of something I messed about with in FastStone I managed to...
  21. On-looker


    This Blue Tit came pretty close to where we were standing at the gate, maybe hoping we had some more food to put in that area, but he was out of luck on this occasion.
  22. Stand-off between very distant cousins

    Stand-off between very distant cousins

    We had to wait a few days before going back to the feeding station, in the hope that the snow had thawed a bit. Which it had..... but as you can see there was still some lying about. The feeders were just about empty, so a good job we went. A Robin and Dunnock were soon there to hoover up what...
  23. 'Sno fun

    'Sno fun

    This is the same Blackbird I showed you the other day who was wondering what the white stuff was. Seems she is now beginning to work it out. TTTW
  24. BF Great Tit.jpg

    BF Great Tit.jpg

    Some of you will remember that I've had great difficulty getting a picture of a Great Tit that, very occasionally, visits the garden, and was so quick I didn't even have time to lift the camera. However, this visit he'd found the 'new' perch and seemed to like it 'cos he sat there, and sat...
  25. Against the blue

    Against the blue

    Early January we did have some lovely blue skies, although it was cold and the snow had frozen solid on the ground. I thought this Starling showed up well against that pretty blue of the sky that morning. TTTW