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blue jay

  1. Blue Jay in Snow Flurries

    Blue Jay in Snow Flurries

    Just waiting around for more peanuts!
  2. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Silly Blue Jay! I should title this, "Anything A Nuthatch Can Do, I Can Do Better!"
  3. Sat Fun: Diving for a morsal!

    Sat Fun: Diving for a morsal!

    I accidentally left my camera on the "pre-shoot" option (saving so many shots before and after pressing the shutter) and caught this pair of Blue Jays, one snacking on a suet cake, the other desperately diving to snap up a suet crumb that had fallen before the other jays had a chance at it. On...
  4. tbbilbo

    Blue Jay with Pecans Watercolor

  5. Blue Jay in a Blizzard.

    Blue Jay in a Blizzard.

    Had a hum dinger of a snow storm a few days ago. Blizzard conditions for much of it. That didn't slow down the Jays from hitting the feeders though!
  6. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Yet another Blue Jay shot. They are dominating the yard so lots of chances at getting photos of them. It was nice to get one in the sunlight for a change, haven't had very much of that lately.
  7. Blue jay in my yard

    Blue jay in my yard

    I finally admitted defeat trying to stalk this guy and went to plan B: left the video running. He is so neurotic he even takes off when he hears traffic blocks away. He would only pass by occasionally, but I just started offering peanuts and now I'm refilling feeders three times faster than I...
  8. Blue Jay.JPG

    Blue Jay.JPG

    Have about a dozen of these birds that come into the yard almost daily. KC, if you see this and to answer your question, I usually hit a slump this time of year. The light gets short lived and terrible. There's a large hill just behind our house on the West side, so this time of year it starts...
  9. Blue jay in the rain

    Blue jay in the rain

    Testing out my new wheels: a Nikon D7100 - I love it! Here's a blue jay so hungry he's out in the rain foraging for peanuts.
  10. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Almost looks like he's saying, "Are you staring at my tail feathers again?"
  11. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    A blue jay perches on the side of the roof.
  12. Blue Jay with pecan.jpg

    Blue Jay with pecan.jpg

    Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) with a pecan.
  13. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    Winter shot of a Blue Jay at my feeder last winter. A family/flock of 6 or so dropped by a cold windy day for some peanuts!
  14. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    This common species of Eastern North America was attracted to a water feature where it took a late afternoon bath. This is presumably the nominate race "C. c. cristata" characterized by smaller, reduced white markings on its wings and tail.
  15. moulting.JPG


    Blue Jay moulting season. When they lose their head feathers all in one go, and we wind up with blue and white miniature vultures running around the yard.
  16. Blue Jay, young

    Blue Jay, young

    Coming in for a landing.-- What is enable push notifications.? Thanks. Have a great day.
  17. Blue Jay.jpg

    Blue Jay.jpg

    This young inexperienced Blue Jay was poised to leap to a nearby feeder to scare off a big Hairy Woodpecker that was already eating there. Only problem was, like a kid trying to jump into deep water for the first time, he just couldn't work up the courage to do it. Maybe the steely stare of the...
  18. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay

    One after the computer crashed, and from what I see tonight this will be the first to crash tonight.
  19. Another Blue Jay Portrait

    Another Blue Jay Portrait

    I can always count on one of my Blue Jay friends to give me a decent pose.
  20. Blue Jay.jpg

    Blue Jay.jpg

    Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata)
  21. Blue Jay 3 of 3

    Blue Jay 3 of 3

    It’s come to the point at which it feels odd to look out the back window and not see a Blue Jay. Yesterday there were 4 of them at one time. They’re becoming nearly as common of the House Sparrow is in our garden. I am thankful.
  22. Blue Jay 2 of 3

    Blue Jay 2 of 3

    A beautiful blue visitor to the Bird Garden.
  23. Blue Jay 1 of 3

    Blue Jay 1 of 3

    The Blue Jay has become a permanent feature in the Bird Garden. Here one is enjoying our flimsy bird bath.
  24. Being patient

    Being patient

    Juvie Blue Jay. This juvie is waiting patiently to be fed. Not like its squawking siblings. The blue jay is between 9 and 12 inches in length. It is bright blue on top and white to gray on its throat, chest and belly. It has a gray-blue crest on its head and black and white bars on its wings...
  25. Part Two

    Part Two

    As the Oriole made its way up to the oranges... the sad thing we all saw coming... came. The Blue Jay scared off the female, which was something that would possibly attract the local male to the feeder.