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  1. Buzzard


  2. Buzzard.


    Buzzard (Pale phase in flight) Pale phase Buzzard could be confused with Rough-legged Buzzard or Long-legged Buzzard.
  3. Dimitra_v

    Raptor identification (Thessaloniki area, Greece)

    I saw this one today, it looks like a common buzzard, but the color variation in there birds confuses me, and I can't find many reference pictures of common buzzards with this plumage sitting down. Is there a chance that this is something else, like a european marsh harrier? (there are marsh...
  4. IMG_1312_Buzzard.jpg


    A Buzzard soaring high over North Norfolk. It looks like it may have some wing and tail feather damage (I took several shots and the feathers looked the same in all of them so not just this angle) unless it is moulting but with snow currently on the ground a moult would perhaps seem like bad...
  5. Tom St

    More birds in Slovakia

    All encountered in Slovakia in August 2020. Thanks for any help! 1: ? 2: maybe a bunting? 3: ? 4: maybe a buzzard? 5: some thrush
  6. VTM

    ID Kathmandu

    Canfused with this Butoe? All same bird! Longed-legged Buzzard or Himalayan Buzzard. Can somebody help me confirming this raptor PLEASE! Photographed yesterday in Kathmandu. Thanks
  7. A

    Buzzard ID?

    It was photographed three years back at Haripur, Pakistan. Could it be an Upland Buzzard (dark morph) or a Long-legged Buzzard (dark morph)? Or anything else?
  8. G

    ID please, Some sort of buzzard in goa

    please help me out by identifying this species. I don't know which one it is because apparently no buzzards are found in the area where the picture was taken.
  9. Buzzard


    Woodrow, Worcs
  10. Buzzard


    Handsome Buzzard in my North Antrim garden this week.
  11. Buzzard mobbed

    Buzzard mobbed

  12. Buzzard


    The last one of the series, I promise :)
  13. Watchful Buzzard

    Watchful Buzzard

  14. Buzzard on the ground

    Buzzard on the ground

  15. Buzzard


    The second one of the pair
  16. Buzzard


    One of a pair winging overhead
  17. Common Buzzard

    Common Buzzard

    Common Buzzard https://johnfoss.yolasite.com/buzzard.php
  18. Common / Eurasian Buzzard

    Common / Eurasian Buzzard

  19. For Stanley Jones

    For Stanley Jones

    Stanley.....this ones for you as I don't know how else to send it to you. For your memories....when the Buzzards swooped.....what an impressive sight.
  20. Buzzard


    I know you're there !
  21. Buzzard


    This beautiful Buzzard lives close to my house but doesn't let me get a photo of him until today.....he stood still in all of his glory and posed .......proud of who he is.
  22. oriental Honey Buzzard

    oriental Honey Buzzard

  23. Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle (Adult)

    Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle (Adult)

    Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle (Geranoaetus melanoleucus australis) Adult.
  24. Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle (juvenile)

    Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle (juvenile)

    Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle (Geranoaetus melanoleucus australis) Juvenile.
  25. oriental Honey Buzzard

    oriental Honey Buzzard