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  1. Gull V Buzzard

    Gull V Buzzard

    aerial battle
  2. R

    Buzzard Feeding

    A buzzard having breakfast on my lawn this morning
  3. D


    Hi Everyone, I'm new here obviously, amateur photographer who loves taking photos of birds & other wildlife in the UK, mainly around where I live in County Durham.
  4. Common Buzzard on carcass (Buteo buteo)

    Common Buzzard on carcass (Buteo buteo)

    1 January 2017, practically all the shots of the Buzzard on the carcass - Buzzard feeding, the most common of the diurnal birds of prey in Italy. The indecisions and jumps in the video are determined by the need to also take photos during its feeding
  5. A

    Crested serpent eagle or Oriental honey buzzard?

    Greetings, all. I'm a student from Malaysia and am new to the ornithological field. Recently, I've received some parasite samples from a vet who's working on exotic animals. The vet said that the identity of the host, of which the parasites were isolated from, was the crested serpent eagle...
  6. Raptor-165 : Long-legged Buzzard : soaring : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Raptor-165 : Long-legged Buzzard : soaring : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    1.1K views, 36 likes, 7 loves, 15 comments, 24 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Alok Tewari: Long-legged Buzzard ... ... soaring and flying With a 5 feet 4 inch wing-span ... these are one of the largest among Buzzards ... And they do look magnificent circling overhead ... like an eagle...
  7. Buzzard being harassed by Crows

    Buzzard being harassed by Crows

  8. 01101001

    Poland, Warsaw, 02.11, (un)common buzzard?

    Longer wings and tail than I would perhaps expect. Rough-legged? (Taken with a smartphone, so apologies for quality.)
  9. Buzzard and wind (Buteo buteo)

    Buzzard and wind (Buteo buteo)

    Buzzard (Buteo buteo) plucking a magpie, on a perch and with strong wind.
  10. Look back in anger.jpg

    Look back in anger.jpg

    This Buzzard flew to the back fence this morning, while we were both watching, it appeared to be chasing a smaller bird and gave up. The sat on the fence long enough for me to get the camera and grab several shots, wonderful
  11. Scozmos

    Juvenile Buzzard?

    Hi all. It turns out that harvesting brings out the birds of prey, I guess it flushes out all sorts of critters. I watched this bird on the ground for quite some time before three Red Kites turned up and either wanted its meal or didn't like its company. That said, I'm not sure what the bird is...
  12. Tom St

    Common or Honey Buzzard in Germany--Göttingen

    Photos taken 17th June 2022 at Kerstlingeröder Feld (Göttingen), all of the same individual. Can the bird be IDed to species from these heavily cropped silhouette shots? Thanks! Tom
  13. Buzzard


    Not often I see them on the ground.
  14. P

    Help with ID-ing a Bird of Prey please!

    Hi everyone! I was out on my walk today, in Pensford near Bristol & Bath. I saw a bird and thought he must be either a red kite or buzzard because they're very common here, I got home and got out my RSPB book, but I cannot work out what it was!! I am VERY very new to this, so please don't...
  15. Buzzard on Branch

    Buzzard on Branch

  16. F

    Buzzard (13th of June, 2022, Amsterdam Netherlands)

    Yesterday evening I saw this presumably Common Buzzard from far away deep into the huge restricted runway areas of Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam). In fact, it was so far away that it couldn't be seen by the naked eye. I only spotted it accidentally through my binos while following a Kestrel flying...
  17. Buzzard


  18. Marsh Harrier vs Buzzard

    Marsh Harrier vs Buzzard

  19. Jorbeer - 52 : Long legged Buzzard : feasting : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Jorbeer - 52 : Long legged Buzzard : feasting : Amazing Wildlife of India by Renu Tewari and Alok Tewari

    Watch this very handsome Raptor ... ... feasting on a Spiny-tailed Lizard kill ... They occasionally dig the lizard out of its burrow in the ground ... using their long legs ... One of the largest among Buzzards ... ... it is a winter visitor to Indian plains ... Long-legged...
  20. Raptor - 116

    Raptor - 116

    Long-legged Buzzard ... shining overhead ... ________ Gurugram Haryana, India March 2019
  21. White-eyed Buzzard

    White-eyed Buzzard

    Set out for hunting.
  22. J

    Trying to identify (Buzzard)

    This one was hovering quit close to the ground (10m-15m ?) above some fields near some houses. While watching it I was quit sure that this must be a common Kestrel. By trying the "Merlin Bird ID"-app though just got suggestions for several Kites (red-kite, black-kite..) but the kestrel not even...
  23. Turkey vulture

    Turkey vulture

    Although they're not exactly warm and fuzzy, I think turkey vultures are kind of cool - unless you crawl out of bed and find seven them circling over your driveway. (Went outside and did a sniff test; didn't find anything).
  24. Raptor - 111

    Raptor - 111

    This lucky close encounter happened at Keoladeo ... ... as our breakfast wasn't ready yet ... we decided to do a quick recce of the area ... ... soon as we came out of the gate of that historical Royal hunting lodge of yore ... we found this handsome guy sitting on top of a mid sized...
  25. Sweet Bill ... Raptor-110

    Sweet Bill ... Raptor-110

    Raptor - 110 A raptor ... with a sweet tooth ... or sweet bill ... if one prefers to be more accurate ... Oriental Honey Buzzard ... a beautiful looking male here ... the guy thrives on the larvae of sociable bees, dipped in honey ... What a refined ... and healthy taste he has ...