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common kestrel

  1. Raptor - 106

    Raptor - 106

    Keeping a close watch over his territory ... ... granting in turn a full frame ... __________ Common Kestrel Dist. Jhajjar Haryana India 30 March 2021
  2. 134- Falco tinnunculus Common Kestrel- 28 octobre 2019.jpg

    134- Falco tinnunculus Common Kestrel- 28 octobre 2019.jpg

    Faucon crécerelle - Falco tinnunculus - Common Kestrel
  3. Kestrel


    Spy in the sky
  4. Kestrel


    Kestrel with a Vole dinner.
  5. Common Kestrel

    Common Kestrel

    From archives. Image cropped, re-sized, levels adjusted and minimally sharpened. Thank you for your kind appreciation of my previous posts.
  6. Kestrel


  7. kestrel


  8. PSX_20210110_061621.jpg


    Common Kestrel
  9. female common kestrel

    female common kestrel

  10. Kestrel


  11. Golden-Hour-Kestrel-2021.jpg


    Kestrel in golden light,watching the ground for food,not keen on the perch,but it is what it is.
  12. kestral


  13. Kestrel


  14. Common Kestrel

    Common Kestrel

  15. Kestrel flight

    Kestrel flight

    3 more re-processed pictures from 2016 today. I have to admit I'm enjoying the challenge. Some of the pictures are less good than the originals but most are better and some have never been processed before. It was a bit brighter today and we had a male Bullfinch and a Hawfinch on the feeders.
  16. Kestrel


    Kestrel at Croston Moss Lancashire.
  17. DSC_1940 lwv.jpg

    DSC_1940 lwv.jpg

    Common Kestrel
  18. Kestrel


    Mad Kes hovering at eye level 4 metres from my face. Pity it was dark, but what can you do :)
  19. Common Kestrel

    Common Kestrel

  20. Kestrel


  21. Kestrel


  22. Common Kestrel

    Common Kestrel

  23. Common Kestrel with prey (a Sand Lizard)

    Common Kestrel with prey (a Sand Lizard)

  24. Flying High

    Flying High

    We went to the new feeding station, but now all the feeders had been taken down, so we scattered some seed on the ground, but little turned up. A discussion then followed and we decided to head for the hills. We set off past my old Up the Hill patch and turned onto the moor beyond. It's a...
  25. Tense Relationship (Common Kestrel and Hooded Crow)

    Tense Relationship (Common Kestrel and Hooded Crow)