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common magpie

  1. Common Magpie

    Common Magpie

  2. Common Magpies

    Common Magpies

    Very little to be seen from my window for the last two months, practically no small birds, just the occasional crow, feral pigeon or Magpie (it was nice to get four this morning). It's the worst summer "bird drought" I can remember. The weather doesn't help, very windy. It was good...
  3. Common Magpie

    Common Magpie

  4. Common Magpie

    Common Magpie

    The tail of this individual did look a little shorter than average, but is foreshortened further in this view. I reckon the bird is doing its impression of a Dipper. There is some brown in the plumage: this is occasionally reported in Magpies but there seems no clear consensus on why it should...
  5. Pistachio !

    Pistachio !

  6. Common Magpie

    Common Magpie

  7. Portrait


  8. Common Magpie

    Common Magpie

  9. Common Magpie

    Common Magpie

    First time in the garden for me.
  10. Common magpie

    Common magpie

    Not many peoples most popular bird but they have some lovely colours in their plumage when the sun is on them.
  11. Maggie in the Air

    Maggie in the Air

  12. Happy Holidays from Me & Maggie

    Happy Holidays from Me & Maggie

    Its been great fun here in BF 2007. Im sure that it will be so in 2008 too. Happy Christmas for one and all. For those who are tired for Christmas or it doesn+t fit their cultural or spiritual habitat: Have a good time otherwise! |=)| |=)| |=)|
  13. Portrait of Maggie

    Portrait of Maggie

  14. Maggie


  15. Lovely day for a walk

    Lovely day for a walk

    Reverse veiw of the other Magpie picture. A4 size in Water colour
  16. foraging magpie

    foraging magpie

    A common bird, but very suspicious of men walking around with cameras and tripods.
  17. Wings


    I Know its just a common Magpie, but just look at the markings & colours. Always on the retreat thow.
  18. Common simplicity

    Common simplicity

    No image trickery here just two magpies flying across. I just loved the simplicity of their wing shapes.
  19. common magpie

    common magpie

    photographed in Victoria Park last week after the grass had been watered.Neil.
  20. Common Magpie

    Common Magpie

    Not a bird I photograph very often, but this one dropped in just as I was photographing a Yellow Wagtail which scooted off. 35 yards.
  21. Common Magpie

    Common Magpie

    Very common in areas around The Hague. Previously photographed in 1,3 megapixel mode.
  22. Common Magpie

    Common Magpie

    This bird was feeding on a road killed rabbit prior to alighting on the post.