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common merganser

  1. Common Merganser

    Common Merganser

    This Merganser gave me a close pass by the dock a couple of weeks ago . Hope you enjoy the image.
  2. Goosander


    Taken in a local park
  3. Common Merganser Take-off

    Common Merganser Take-off

    One of six Common Mergansers that took off from the Battenkill River.
  4. Goosander (Mergus merganser)

    Goosander (Mergus merganser)

    The close passage of a male Goosander (Mergus merganser) in migration
  5. Female Merganser

    Female Merganser

    One of two. The male is a lucky chap. 😍 We have changed to wintertime last night. 5pm is now the time to go home from birding and it is getting earlier and earlier every day.
  6. Common Merganser

    Common Merganser

    Last one to head out of the marina towards the bay on Lake Mille Lacs. Ice still coming of the lake. A duck's kind of day. Rain throughout and low light conditions were challenging.
  7. Common Merganser

    Common Merganser

    Common Merganser - Horicon marsh - 3-20-22
  8. Common Merganser

    Common Merganser

    This is an adult male in winter plumage. Although this species has increased rather dramatically in the San Francisco Bay Area I still seldom encounter very many adult males. This is partly because immature males and adult males in summer ("eclipse" plumage) resemble females. Common Mergansers...
  9. Common merganser

    Common merganser

  10. Common Merganser

    Common Merganser

  11. Common Merganser

    Common Merganser

  12. Common Merganser

    Common Merganser

    This is an immature (formative plumage) female based on the pale gray, not black, divide between the greater and median coverts. Note also the retained juvenile tertials lacking black outlines to the outer webs. Common Mergansers are divided into two groups. Eurasian birds (sometimes known as...
  13. Goosander / Merganser (♀) with her Ducklings

    Goosander / Merganser (♀) with her Ducklings

    A Goosander / Merganser family with 13 Ducklings filmed at the Ostravice river in Ostrava, Czech Republic. It was a joy to observe this family of a female Goosander with their 13 ducklings for a long time. Since I had no tripod with me I sat down in the gras on the riverside with my legs...
  14. Female common merganser

    Female common merganser

  15. Female common merganser

    Female common merganser

  16. Common Merganser.JPG

    Common Merganser.JPG

  17. Common merganser (female)

    Common merganser (female)

  18. Merganser2.jpg


    Common Merganser mother helping her chicks become strong swimmers. She was guiding them up the fastest rapids of a mountain river. Once they got to the top of the rapids, she would have them float back down and start over again, and again.
  19. Redhead


    Too bad it was such a grey day. No catchlight, so she looks nearly eye-less :( Still ... not every day I get such close shots of the Goosanders. They tend to be more camera-shy.
  20. Male common merganser

    Male common merganser

  21. Male common merganser

    Male common merganser

  22. Common Merganser

    Common Merganser

    I am not sure if this is going to work!
  23. Female common merganser

    Female common merganser

  24. A bad hair day

    A bad hair day

    Female common merganser facing the wind, not the best day for hairstyle.
  25. Common Merganser

    Common Merganser

    Adult female