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cooper's hawk

  1. Cooper's Hawk

    Cooper's Hawk

    Not being successful with the crows it flew down and tried to catch a chipmunk. Shot through the window.
  2. Cooper's Hawk

    Cooper's Hawk

    Quietly observing all that goes on... was very interested in the Nuthatches buzzing around the pines.
  3. Cooper's hawk_HA.jpg

    Cooper's hawk_HA.jpg

    Copper's hawk take off series (1of3)
  4. Cooper's hawk_H3.jpg

    Cooper's hawk_H3.jpg

    Copper's hawk take-off series (3 of 3)
  5. Cooper's hawk_H2.jpg

    Cooper's hawk_H2.jpg

    Copper's hawk take-off series (2 of 3)
  6. Cooper's Hawk

    Cooper's Hawk

    Taken through the window. This hawk is always after the crows.
  7. Cooper's hawk

    Cooper's hawk

    Didn't have to go too far to photograph this one. I was in fact swimming in my pool in my backyard when this hawk popped onto my fence about 20 feet away, hoping to score one of the birds at my feeders. He's been a backyard regular for years now. In the summer, I often bring my camera and...
  8. F

    Hawk ID help, suburban Massachusetts, USA

    Hello, My neighbor and I recently took these pictures of two different hawks in our backyards. For the darker pics (my pics), I assume it's a coopers or sharp-shinned. I have never been able to tell the difference. For the other one {my neighbor's): No idea. Is it possible that it is the...
  9. Adult Cooper's Hawk

    Adult Cooper's Hawk

    While outside photographing cute little birds, this "uninvited" guest shows up unannounced and wants a "snack"
  10. A Juvenile Cooper's Hawk

    A Juvenile Cooper's Hawk

    Was not so surprised to see this Cooper's Hawk watching over my feeders.
  11. Cooper Hawk

    Cooper Hawk

    This Cooper Hawk was accommodating to let me take a few shots. Good thing because not many shots worked in my favor. Love his red eyes.
  12. Cooper Hawk

    Cooper Hawk

    Yesterday while sitting on my back porch I heard a Gray Squirrel give the warning yell. I looked around for a few minutes and saw nothing and then a moment later he showed up. Ready to pounce on something. An unexpected visitor.
  13. Young Cooper's Hawk

    Young Cooper's Hawk

    It was flitting between perches, surrounded by magpies. When it flew off, a piece of bark stuck to its talons. You can see the bark falling from its right foot.
  14. Juvenile Cooper's Hawk - Central Park, NYC

    Juvenile Cooper's Hawk - Central Park, NYC

    This young Cooper's Hawk was quite cooperative as it put on a display unsuccessfully chasing several squirrels in Central Park NYC. The photo was shot with a Canon 7d Mark II and a Canon 100-400 f4/L II lens.
  15. Cooper's Hawk

    Cooper's Hawk

  16. Found the answer as to why I wasn't seeing many birds

    Found the answer as to why I wasn't seeing many birds

    Turns out this critter was hanging around ;)
  17. Cooper's Hawk

    Cooper's Hawk

    Coopers Hawk (Accipiter cooperii) Bryan, Brazos County, Texas, USA. Old Travis B. Bryan Municipal Golf Course. Along the margins of Country Club Lake at ca. 91 m (ca. 300 ft) elevation. Post Oak Savannah Vegetational Area.
  18. Cooper's Hawk

    Cooper's Hawk

  19. Cooper's Hawk

    Cooper's Hawk

    My daily bird count sure goes down with two of these raptors in the area lately. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on the i.d.
  20. Cooper's


    Was wondering why there were no birds at the feeders. Due to the streaking on the front, I'm assuming this is an immature.
  21. Cooper's Hawk

    Cooper's Hawk

    It was a wee bit breezy today (but nice) as you can tell my its feathers ;)
  22. Are you finished out here?  I'm hungry.

    Are you finished out here? I'm hungry.

    Our Cooper's checking things out in the backyard while hungry squirrel is not happy. Meanwhile the bluejays are making a racket in the background.
  23. Cooper's Hawk (juvenile)

    Cooper's Hawk (juvenile)

    Coopers Hawk (Accipiter cooperii) Juvenile. Patrolling our bird feeders. Behind my house in Bryan, Brazos County, Texas, USA. Small Post Oak mott on the golf course at ca. 91 m (300 ft) elevation, Post Oak Savannah Vegetational Area.
  24. Cooper's Hawk

    Cooper's Hawk

    Cooper's Hawk - back yard
  25. Cooper's Hawk - backyard surprise

    Cooper's Hawk - backyard surprise

    This Cooper's Hawk was having a great time taking a bath as a few squirrels were hiding out in the background observing the hawk.