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  1. A red gape?

    A red gape?

    This appears to be a young Dunnock, but I've little experience with seeing fledgings. This one appears to have a red gape - I wonder if that is normal for them.
  2. Phantom Robin

    Phantom Robin

    What with one thing and another.... on top of a major laptop breakdown, I've very few images at the moment of local birds. Here's one that escaped the crash by still being on my camera LOL. Out with my friend to Craighall and he tried to take a picture of this young Robin on the gatepost...
  3. Force feeding

    Force feeding

    I spotted a young Great Tit in the trees and before I could react there was an adult (female I think) with food for him. It goes right to the back, doesn't it LOL.
  4. Practise


    ... does help! This was another of my friend's efforts. He was a bit quicker in getting the camera focused. Though I think the bill isn't quite right, perhaps it moved. It seems the Blackbird has almost finished the offerings on that gatepost.
  5. White face

    White face

    I had to grab the camera back from my friend, as a Great Tit landed in the trees on my side of the track. Some of you will know the struggles I have to get pictures of these at home, on the rare occasions they condescend to visit me. That's why its nice to go to Craighall, as there seems to be...
  6. Only Just

    Only Just

    The gatepost was on the left side of my car (for those that drive on the wrong side of the road, that's the passenger side LOL). So I shoved the camera into my friend's hand and got him to take the picture. By the time he'd worked out the controls he only managed this image and the next two...
  7. Babies everywhere

    Babies everywhere

    A trip back to the Craighall feeders and there's a cute young Robin, not long out of the nest and already learned what a coconut half contains LOL Quick on the uptake some birds, aren't they.
  8. Big Woodie

    Big Woodie

    Unfortunately I never got a look at the back of the neck to check the sex of this one. Rather a snooty look I thought too. LOL
  9. Dishevelled


    This Robin seems to have lost a lot of his lovely red breast feathers.
  10. Clashing colours

    Clashing colours

    Mmmm.... I don't really think pink goes with orange, does it. We'd put a few tit bits on the gate post on the opposite side of the track to where the feeders are. Robin came in for some suet nibbles.
  11. Book Ends

    Book Ends

    Though not quite a matching pair!
  12. Where's the ladies then

    Where's the ladies then

    A very handsome looking guy sitting watchfully in the trees, but no sign of the girls. Just hope he's got a lady friend on a nest somewhere.
  13. Taken possession

    Taken possession

    It appears this lady has decided this part of the feeding area is hers and is daring anyone else to try and take over.
  14. It's strange

    It's strange

    The birds hardly touch the nuts at home, but I have to refill the feeder every time I go to Craighall. Mind you, I only get very rare visits from a Great Tit at home, Craighall has several, along with Red Squirrel and Great Spotted Woodpecker.
  15. Checking things out

    Checking things out

    Blue Tits are always a delight, aren't they.... especially when one sits still for a moment. Think he was either waiting his turn at a feeder or just checking to make sure it was safe to go in.
  16. Disappearing act

    Disappearing act

    ... and so well timed too, wasn't it! Frustrating, as I don't have too many pictures of a Robin at Craighall.
  17. Out of hibernation

    Out of hibernation

    ... well I guess he'd been out for a bit, but was the first one I'd seen for months. Looks well, doesn't he.
  18. Browsing


    He came really pretty close and I had to take his picture through the bars of the gate. I'd heard them around before, but this was the first male I'd seen at the feeding station... having a grand time foraging for the droppings. Got my laptop back, but it's been a bit of a job getting...
  19. Woodie takes possession

    Woodie takes possession

    The first woodpecker I'd seen for months. I didn't get a look at the nape in any of the pictures, but I think this is a female. EDIT: since uploading this pic my laptop has had to go into Laptop Hospital. Don't think I'll be able to do much browsing for a day or two.
  20. Don't eat it all at once!

    Don't eat it all at once!

    A pretty Blue Tit at the Craighall feeders. BTW I've around 5-6 fledged ones on my window feeders at home. They're not nearly so quarrelsome as the Starlings LOL
  21. Inspecting his toes?

    Inspecting his toes?

    No, he's actually holding a seed to peck at! Ann pointed this out on a picture of hers a few years ago. Always learning, aren't we. What a difference a couple of weeks make in the Spring, end of April the buds were just opening, middle of May and it's all green!
  22. Hmmm .. that's what he thinks of being photographed

    Hmmm .. that's what he thinks of being photographed

    I'd got a hanging tub of peanut butter - you'd have thought he would be a bit more appreciative, wouldn't you. Still struggling a bit with my laptop, just managing to do things between times it decides it will let me!
  23. Just before I left

    Just before I left

    I'd just about given up hope of seeing a Long-tailed Tit come in and we were just discussing whether or not it was time to go, when plop!! So it wasn't time to go LOL Sorry folks... having awful problems with my laptop today. Taken me from 8am to try and get a browser to run. Hopefully this...
  24. Tit fest

    Tit fest

    Well, that doesn't happen often for me LOL Get three different tit species in one image! Shame I couldn't see the Great Tit's face, wasn't it
  25. Not so common....

    Not so common....

    Chaffinches are not so commonly seen at these new feeders but he looks pretty comfortable tucking into the seeds there.