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  1. Reducing


    The December visits to the Craighall feeders had been showing fewer and fewer Long-tailed Tits at the feeders until the last few have produced none at all.... surely it's a bit early for them to have paired up and started their breeding season?
  2. New drinker

    New drinker

    Down the road at the Craighall feeders; when we have an empty coconut, we put it atop the gate post (it has a bit of a hole at the top where the wood has rotted) and put some water in it (if I've got some in the car). Otherwise it might be some seeds. It wasn't there for long when a Coal Tit...
  3. The favourites with friends

    The favourites with friends

    Everybody loves Long-tailed Tits, so I can't resist photographing them when I catch them at the feeders. Just in case you're not sure, there's 4 and a bit of them, along with a Coal Tit and a Great Tit. Strangely we've not had them back at the Mause feeders up the hill this winter yet, even...
  4. Another farewell

    Another farewell

    This Red Squirrel had been a constant visitor for a few years at the Craighall feeders (at least I think it was the same one). Sadly this was the last time we saw him in mid July. So both the squirrels have gone and so far nothing has moved in to replace them at either feeding station.
  5. What is that!!!

    What is that!!!

    He seems rather unsure about what might be amongst the peanuts! Great Spotted Woodpeckers are regulars at both feeding stations (this is the lower one). This was a male at the end of May, we'd not seen the female for a while. Saturday Fun
  6. It's Magic!

    It's Magic!

    Down at the Craighall feeders for a change, a Eurasian Blackbird decided he liked the food we'd put on a gate post. But was wondering how on earth that peanut was levitating just under his bill. Saturday Fun
  7. Dismal


    A visit to the Craighall feeding station in early May. Here was a Robin looking rather displeased as he was so wet... even the goodies we'd provided didn't cheer him up, poor thing LOL Saturday Fun
  8. The fierce look

    The fierce look

    A Nuthatch giving his best "go away" look LOL. It's still such a treat for me to see these guys at the feeding station just about every time we go there.
  9. Is it going to rain?

    Is it going to rain?

    A day rather like this one here. Heavily overcast! Seems this Great Spotted Woodpecker isn't too sure of the weather. Saturday Fun
  10. Fattening up

    Fattening up

    This Great Spotted Woodpecker took a wee breather before going at the fat balls again. It was almost as if he thought he'd never see them again. I had to take my chance of getting a picture at that point LOL Saturday Fun
  11. Autumnal


    Trying to catch up on some of the pictures I did manage to get last year. This is a female Chaffinch who comes to the feeders at Craighall. The strange thing is, that while we have to top up the nuts there on every visit, they hardly ever touch mine at home.
  12. Who needs a perch anyway?

    Who needs a perch anyway?

    An autumn visit to the Craighall feeding station and our local rarity, Eurasian Nuthatch, came in. We always hope to see one there. I didn't notice before but the perch had slipped right through so was only usable on the right. Nuthatches don't bother with it anyway, do they? Saturday Fun
  13. Dropped it!

    Dropped it!

    Dunnock's are regular at the edge of town feeding site we discovered a couple of years ago, but not always in a photographable position. Even this one was taken through the car windscreen. Saturday fun
  14. Counting practise

    Counting practise

    The only species that come to the feeders in flocks is Long-tailed Tit. Between us we try to count how many there are. This feeder has, I think, 8 and I think that was the most I saw at one time on it. But there was so much coming and going and some sitting near the feeder waiting for a space...
  15. Happy Christmas everyone

    Happy Christmas everyone

    I hope you're enjoying the day. After not having seen one before the image I showed you last Hogmanay the Eurasian Nuthatch has become a pretty regular visitor, though hardly saw them during the breeding season. Here he was back again in September.
  16. Christmas Greetings to all my friends at Birdforum

    Christmas Greetings to all my friends at Birdforum

    A very reliable Robin who visits the feeders at Craighall.
  17. A record shot that's....

    A record shot that's....

    .... only suitable for Saturday Fun. I hardly ever get the chance to photograph Treecreepers and I do find them tricky at the best of times. However, my friend had seen one at the feeding station we go to so I was on high alert to see if he'd return... which he did this day. He showed well and...
  18. How do I get one out?

    How do I get one out?

    He seems to be doing his best to extract a peanut from the feeder. Guess it's defeated him LOL A Great Tit visiting the feeders at the Craighall feeding station. Saturday fun
  19. Shall we say Grace?

    Shall we say Grace?

    Looks like this cute Red Squirrel is about to thank the Lord for his lunch. Gorgeous creatures. Saturday fun
  20. Heading the ball

    Heading the ball

    Thought that title rather topical, so I'm making this Robin into a female LOL. A spring picture from a visit to the feeding station at Craighall. Saturday Fun
  21. The big one in the scrub

    The big one in the scrub

    A late February visit to Craighall and the feeders were busy. This Great Tit was waiting for a chance to get in to one of them.
  22. Out numbered!

    Out numbered!

    January at the Craighall feeders, my first visit there this year produced a large flock of Long-tailed Tits. However this Blue Tit was quite determined he was going to fill himself at the feeder, despite being heavily outnumbered. They're quite feisty, so I guess the Long-tailed weren't going...
  23. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter

    I couldn't find anything remotely funny in my current folders, so present a species that always brings me joy and I hope it does you too. The European Robin is my choice for today. He was in the trees at Craighall just before Christmas. Happy Easter to all my friends.
  24. He knew!!!

    He knew!!!

    That was the only place he could be to stop me getting a good picture!!! Back at Craighall on my first visit of the year, a Great Spotted Woodpecker parked himself at the most inconvenient spot you could imagine. Saturday Fun
  25. Nut lover

    Nut lover

    It was a good job we topped up the peanut feeder by the looks of it.