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  1. Off in a huff (SF)

    Off in a huff (SF)

    He's not got the message.... if I fill the feeders I think it's my right to take their picture. I think I need to give him a good talking to don't I.
  2. Fluff Ball

    Fluff Ball

    It's surprisingly difficult to get a Long-tailed Tit on it's own and perched away from feeders.... they just seem to fly in from a distance.
  3. Snow Drift

    Snow Drift

    On the left side of the path is an overhanging broom and some scrubby birch trees. The snow had drifted in underneath it; this Dunnock looks half buried!
  4. Ganetts


    Count 'em... I think there may be seven! Though at one point I'm sure I counted eight of them! Always a delight to see, aren't they.
  5. Messy table

    Messy table

    Back at the edge of town feeders. Fortunately, the parking area wasn't too bad for the snow, though a little icy in places. The Robin thought all his Christmases had come together, when he found all this food on the ground. Not sure how he's going to swallow that wee nugget though, looks like...
  6. Found my own food

    Found my own food

    ... so let's hope that darn Robin stays away!! I'd also put some feed on the ground on the other side of the road. There's often a Dunnock hiding in the bushes there. Incidentally, this picture started off very dark, but with the aid of something I messed about with in FastStone I managed to...
  7. On-looker


    This Blue Tit came pretty close to where we were standing at the gate, maybe hoping we had some more food to put in that area, but he was out of luck on this occasion.
  8. Stand-off between very distant cousins

    Stand-off between very distant cousins

    We had to wait a few days before going back to the feeding station, in the hope that the snow had thawed a bit. Which it had..... but as you can see there was still some lying about. The feeders were just about empty, so a good job we went. A Robin and Dunnock were soon there to hoover up what...
  9. Lemon in the yellow

    Lemon in the yellow

    Another accommodating bird was this Great Tit that came and settled nearby. Nice birds, aren't they (well... sometimes LOL)
  10. Fluffed up

    Fluffed up

    Hope you're not fed up with Robin pictures, but they were so showy that day and this one came pretty close too.
  11. Saw him off!!

    Saw him off!!

    There was a Great Tit and a Coal Tit either side of that feeder when I started to click. But the Coal Tit flew. Surprised I managed to catch him in the frame (identifiably) LOL.
  12. Yellow eye

    Yellow eye

    ... well an eye ring really. This becomes more pronounced as part of their breeding plumage, though I'd have thought the first week in January was a bit early? He seems to like the pink nibbles that I threw on the ground.
  13. Perhaps...


    .... he thought the coconut would be more to his taste, even with a Coal Tit supervising his antics.
  14. Rob on a feeder

    Rob on a feeder

    Another visit to Craighall. I caught this Robin feeding on a hanging feeder, they don't even do that at home, preferring the tray ones. He seems quite at home on there don't you think, so I guess he's been practising his technique while I've been absent LOL
  15. Cold feet

    Cold feet

    The first snow of the year came overnight on the 2/3 January here, but as you can see it wasn't too much fortunately. Poor Robin, but I did give him some seeds to eat and put some on top of the gate post too so he could warm his feet a little.
  16. Too much choice

    Too much choice

    That's what happens when I fill the feeders, it just confuses them LOL.
  17. What I was left with SF

    What I was left with SF

    I was trying to take a picture of one of the tits (long-tailed variety too!!) when, just as I focused and pressed the shutter button.... all I was left with was this pretty lichen. So that's my Saturday Fun entry today... at least it was in focus LOL. The tit had been perched on the lower...
  18. Not so regular

    Not so regular

    Although I think the Blackbirds may always be around the feeder area, they don't always show themselves. This guy was a bit more co-operative, but only for a few seconds LOL
  19. Always around

    Always around

    You're never far from a Robin I guess. And there are a few hanging around the feeder area on this path. I like to scatter some seed on the ground for them.
  20. Chatting


    A couple of days later we were back at these feeders. Coalie seemed to prefer chatting to someone out of sight, rather than feeding from the coconut.
  21. Can I get in yet

    Can I get in yet

    This was one of the Long-tailed Tits I couldn't get in the other picture, he was sitting on the branch below the feeder and appeared to be looking up hungrily.
  22. Room for one more?

    Room for one more?

    A flock of Long-tailed Tits arrived. I think I've counted 7 in one of the images, but there were far more than that. It was hard to keep track, as they kept flying in and out so quickly.
  23. Blue in the grey

    Blue in the grey

    This Blue Tit found itself on the other side of the road from the feeders, hence the different colour to the background.
  24. Help me someone!! SF

    Help me someone!! SF

    That Great Tit I showed you the other day continued to struggle with that nut and now appeared to be calling for assistance. He gave up on that one after this picture LOL
  25. Thanks lady

    Thanks lady

    When I go to those feeders, I usually put some seeds and stuff on the ground. This Robin seemed rather appreciative anyway.