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  1. Feeders don't interest him....

    Feeders don't interest him....

    .... still likes to eat though! Dunnocks seems to prefer eating on the ground, this one was foraging around underneath the feeders, picking up what everyone else had dropped (including me!)
  2. Loving his nuts...

    Loving his nuts...

    .... and keeping himself shaded from the strong spring sunshine. I was hoping he'd move round a bit but no such luck.
  3. On the fly

    On the fly

    I don't often see Robins at the hanging feeders, but this one did try. Sorry his wings are a bit blurry though.
  4. These are MINE (SF)

    These are MINE (SF)

    She really seems to be making that statement, doesn't she!! Not my best picture of a GSW, but I liked that pose with her showing some attitude.
  5. Ready to tuck in

    Ready to tuck in

    Back at the Craighall feeders. Topped up the nuts, seeds, fatballs and hung a half coconut. Before I got back to the car a Great Tit had landed.
  6. Big bill

    Big bill

    This guy was most unco-operative, but you can tell he was playing with me by the glint in his eye!! See that bill? It never moved from behind that broken off twig (I got about 6 pictures of him).
  7. Anger


    Doesn't he look cross.... I've no idea what he was thinking. It wasn't the lack of food, he was gobbling up enough between these tantrum bouts LOL
  8. Trying to get fat

    Trying to get fat

    Back at the new feeders again. A gorgeous Blue Tit was gorging on the fat balls.... he didn't waste any time after we'd filled it up!
  9. Think it might be time to go

    Think it might be time to go

    Just checking LOL! The last bird up on that visit was a delightful, but scruffy looking, Blue Tit on the peanuts.
  10. Looking on

    Looking on

    This Robin was, of course, in the most awkward place for light you can imagine, I had quite a lot to do in post-processing to get this result. Hope I've not overdone it. To add to the difficulties, it was taken through the car windscreen.
  11. Zygodactyl toes (SF)

    Zygodactyl toes (SF)

    The arrangement of toes in some species such as woodpeckers is known as Zygodactyl. You can read more about this, and the other toe arrangements in our Opus article on Topography; https://www.birdforum.net/opus/Topography#Toes .... or Ooops! If you prefer. She dropped her nut, which you can see...
  12. Busyness


    Hungry birds by the looks of it.
  13. Nut lover

    Nut lover

    The last days of March had come and I saw my first Woodpecker of the year. This lady popped in to feast on the nuts.
  14. Just checking

    Just checking

    He seems to be making double-sure that no-one else can see what he's found, before he tucks in.
  15. Loving the fat balls

    Loving the fat balls

    It was time for me to visit the fee feeders again. The first bird to appear was a Long-tailed Tit .... what a surprise LOL. They must be on constant watch for someone to refill the feeders.
  16. Now how do I attack that (SF)

    Now how do I attack that (SF)

    Red Squirrels make great subjects with their variety of poses. This one appears to be wondering which would be the best way to get into the nuts.
  17. Twiggy


    Managed to catch a Coal Tit before he flew away from this shrub. Speedy wee guys, aren't they.
  18. Let's start at the bottom then

    Let's start at the bottom then

    Wonder if he thinks they're sweeter down there? Hope you like these guys as much as I do, especially after a long winter without seeing one.
  19. Ooooh!! So much food!!! (SF)

    Ooooh!! So much food!!! (SF)

    Middle of March and the squirrels seem to have woken up (at least the first one I'd seen this year). This one appeared to be overwhelmed by the amount of peanuts in the feeder. Just couldn't resist that face LOL
  20. A typical LBJ

    A typical LBJ

    A Dunnock had replaced the Robin on top of the gate post. The light wasn't so good though and it was still through the windscreen, sorry for the poor image.
  21. A triumvirate of tits

    A triumvirate of tits

    The in-coming Blue Tit was actually perched on the tree behind the Coal Tit waiting a chance to get onto the coconut. Gave up, flew round the back of the the tree onto the feeder that way. Thought that was quite clever LOL
  22. Gated


    I park my car beside a gate. My friend usually has put some feed on top of the gate post before I get there. It proves pretty popular as you can see by this Robin tucking in. Unfortunately I often have to take the pictures through my windscreen.
  23. Anyone watching?

    Anyone watching?

    Rather liked this pose... looks as if he's checking that no-one else can see these fatballs (some home LOL).
  24. For the off

    For the off

    Only just managed to catch this guy before he actually flew... my next image was just the tail as he departed the scene!!
  25. Going nuts

    Going nuts

    These two distant cousins really seemed to be enjoying the peanuts.