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  1. He likes fat balls obviously

    He likes fat balls obviously

    Back at the new feeders of course. They just can't wait for us to appear and top up the food.
  2. A faraway look

    A faraway look

    Either he was full and digesting his lunch, or was wondering where to head for next.
  3. Three for tea

    Three for tea

    At least they're not throwing sugar lumps at each other LOL
  4. Nuts


    A good job we filled the nut feeder that day, wasn't it.
  5. Typical (SF)

    Typical (SF)

    Just got nicely focused but too slow to click!! I did at least get his tail if you want to guess what it was.
  6. Only just...

    Only just...

    ... caught this guy in the trees.... fast moving blighters, aren't they.
  7. Gave up waiting

    Gave up waiting

    ... and found himself another coconut, but it didn't have so much in it. All that was left from our previous visit. It was rather odd. The birds in my garden gave up the peanuts, fat balls and coconut feeders during this time, but the ones going to the feeders at Craighall just couldn't get...
  8. Queuing up

    Queuing up

    We couldn't get back to Craighall for a couple of weeks, as it was solid ice in the parking area! The feeders were just about empty, so we put up a coconut, filled the seed feeder and nuts. I guess some people more local had managed to walk there. We'd not even got back to the car before they...
  9. Lonesome


    Though a friend did join him later on, I didn't get good pictures of them both together.
  10. That's better

    That's better

    The same coalie as yesterday's itchy one. Seems the itch must have gone now LOL. So he does have an eye after all.
  11. Got an itch? (SF)

    Got an itch? (SF)

    You have to scratch it don't you. Why is it you go to the dentist and as soon as he starts your nose starts to itch? I think he must do it with his eyes closed, as I can find no trace of an eye there.
  12. Contempative


    Or maybe he's just digesting what he's eaten so far, before going at it again. I just can't resist watching and photographing Robins, they're so cute.
  13. Blue in the blue

    Blue in the blue

    Blue Tits are another species at this feeding station - they get everywhere, don't they. It was rather nice to catch this one away from the feeders.
  14. Gradual appearance

    Gradual appearance

    First it was the top of the head, then gradually more and more of him came into view as he walked up the bank from the other side of the crash barrier. Finally coming into full view on the grass verge. Handsome birds these Dunnocks, aren't they.
  15. In the shadows

    In the shadows

    I can never resist a Robin, however tricky the conditions. Didn't cope with this one too well, but still like the image. He's sitting in front of the crash barrier.
  16. Preparing....


    .... to go! I think she moved as I clicked as the focus seems OK. The next image was just her tail. At least, I presume this is a female with the very narrow black stripe.
  17. Macho


    I so rarely see these at home, so it's nice to visit this feeding station where they always seem to be around. They're still very speedy though - this was the only picture I managed to get. Doesn't he look handsome.
  18. Togetherness


    I was beginning to think they weren't coming that day, but arrive they did in the end. Reduced to a pair now, so I guess the flock had broken up and the rest were off looking for a nesting spot with their mates.
  19. Perky


    A Robin popped out from under a bush near the feeders to forage on droppings in the grass verge.. Behind him is a steep drop down to the river Ericht. Actually there is a crash barrier at this point in case they're going too fast to stop themselves! LOL
  20. What's going on over there?

    What's going on over there?

    This Blue Tit was heading for a feeder when he seem to get distracted by something. Sorry, I'm getting a bit behind in commenting. I've been a bit busy and I've a rather busy week with appointments this week too. (Age doesn't come itself as they say).
  21. Ready for the off

    Ready for the off

    .... which he did in the next frame with a right old blur of feathers! I'd managed to get back to the new feeding station on the edge of town when the ice had subsided somewhat.
  22. Off in a huff (SF)

    Off in a huff (SF)

    He's not got the message.... if I fill the feeders I think it's my right to take their picture. I think I need to give him a good talking to don't I.
  23. Fluff Ball

    Fluff Ball

    It's surprisingly difficult to get a Long-tailed Tit on it's own and perched away from feeders.... they just seem to fly in from a distance.
  24. Snow Drift

    Snow Drift

    On the left side of the path is an overhanging broom and some scrubby birch trees. The snow had drifted in underneath it; this Dunnock looks half buried!
  25. Ganetts


    Count 'em... I think there may be seven! Though at one point I'm sure I counted eight of them! Always a delight to see, aren't they.