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dendrocopos major

  1. Nuts are old hat!

    Nuts are old hat!

    This Great Spotted Woodpecker seems to prefer having fatballs on his diet today!! I think they must be nesting a bit away from the feeding station, as I've not seen either of them for a couple of weeks now. Unless, of course, they're coming when I'm not there.
  2. 11-04-2024 Great Spotted Woodpecker.jpg

    11-04-2024 Great Spotted Woodpecker.jpg

    Great Spotted Woodpecker - bird was quite small - poss Juvenile ?
  3. Scozmos

    Meet the 'peckers

    I've been photographing a pair of GSW for the last couple of years and sometimes capture a video or two so, I'm going to collect their story this year, if possible, in the hope they'll bring the youngsters back again. Looks like pop has been nest building already. Meet the 'peckers 2024
  4. Going Boss-eyed

    Going Boss-eyed

    A Great Spotted Woodpecker wondering what on earth is stuck on the end of her bill and how the heck to get rid of it! Saturday Fun
  5. Great Spotted Woodpecker

    Great Spotted Woodpecker

  6. Great Spotted Woodpecker

    Great Spotted Woodpecker

  7. There's something in the air

    There's something in the air

    Yesterday evening as the sun was going down and there was a bit of competition for the feeders
  8. Great Spotted Woodpecker & Ring-Necked Parakeet

    Great Spotted Woodpecker & Ring-Necked Parakeet

    While watching this woodpecker on the feeder, this parakeet would, every now and then, jump of its branch and try and force the woodpecker off, after a bit of luck I managed this shot during the attack! (It still didn't move the woodpecker though!)
  9. Isn't it nice....

    Isn't it nice....

    .... when a Great Spotted Woodpecker gives you such a clear view of the nape so you can definitely ID it. So many of my pictures I end up searching through, blowing them up, getting the magnifying glass out, just to check whether I can see the teeniest weeniest bit of red!!! One of the pair...
  10. A woodie treat

    A woodie treat

    It's not often I get two Great Spotted Woodpeckers in the picture, I think the female is a bit of a bully and he disappears as soon as he thinks she's around. If he doesn't get the message straight off she's at him and there's a bit of a chase round the trees!! They were a bit more comfortable...
  11. Great Spotted Woodpecker

    Great Spotted Woodpecker

  12. Just can't get at it!!!

    Just can't get at it!!!

    A Great Spotted Woodpecker was exploring a treehole with some determination. Guess there was something good to get at LOL Saturday fun
  13. A tight squeeze

    A tight squeeze

    I just managed to squeeze the camera through a gap between a peanut feeder on the left and a large post on the right to get this picture of a juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker. Both the feeder and post were well out of focus but I had enough pixels to be able to crop them out. This was one of...
  14. Great spotted woodpecker, wood drum

    Great spotted woodpecker, wood drum

    Great spotted woodpecker (Great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopos major): I'll show you who makes those sounds in the woods..): I'll show you who makes those sounds in the woods..
  15. The "Whaddayouwant?" Look

    The "Whaddayouwant?" Look

    He seems to have learnt that look very quickly and has it down pat already!! Great Spotted Woodpecker Juvenile in the feeding area. I'm not sure if we have placed the feeders on the edge of two adjacent territories, as we've seen both male and female adults chasing off young ones, but being OK...
  16. Baby Face

    Baby Face

    Or it would be if only he'd turn round!! This young Great Spotted Woodpecker had found the log feeder and learnt how to balance on it. Saturday fun
  17. Great Spotted Woodpecker

    Great Spotted Woodpecker

  18. Great Spotted Woodpecker

    Great Spotted Woodpecker

  19. Great Spotted Woodpecker

    Great Spotted Woodpecker

  20. What is that!!!

    What is that!!!

    He seems rather unsure about what might be amongst the peanuts! Great Spotted Woodpeckers are regulars at both feeding stations (this is the lower one). This was a male at the end of May, we'd not seen the female for a while. Saturday Fun
  21. Great Spotted woodpecker.jpg

    Great Spotted woodpecker.jpg

    This woodpecker has brought it´s fledgling to the bird table and is feeding it with fatball. The woodpeckers adore it!
  22. Dendrocopos major

    Dendrocopos major

    @ my feeding place.
  23. Is it going to rain?

    Is it going to rain?

    A day rather like this one here. Heavily overcast! Seems this Great Spotted Woodpecker isn't too sure of the weather. Saturday Fun
  24. Fattening up

    Fattening up

    This Great Spotted Woodpecker took a wee breather before going at the fat balls again. It was almost as if he thought he'd never see them again. I had to take my chance of getting a picture at that point LOL Saturday Fun
  25. Great spotted woodpecker

    Great spotted woodpecker

    He wanted to reach the fat filled coconut but his opponent did not let him ... 🤣.